2021 marked the fiftieth year of Canada's official policy of multiculturalism.


In recognition of multiculturalism's complex legacy, CIUS initiated the Multiculturalism@50 series. This set of conversations, examining both the historical and present-day experiences of multiculturalism for Ukrainian Canadians, is envisioned as a platform from which we can extend broader dialogue about multicultural policy in post-Truth and Reconciliation Canada.

Below are recordings of the round table discussions emerging from the Multiculturalism @50 series.


 Multiculturalism in Practice: The Ukrainian Canadian Experience

20 May, 2021

Community activists reflect on successes and failures of how multiculturalism policies were implemented in the first two decades after official adoption.

Jars Balan (Director, Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre) and Discussant Thomas Prymak held a roundtable conversation with Bill Balan, Myron Spolsky, Natalka Chomiak, and Dr. Bohdan Kordan.



Multiculturalism Then and Now: Thoughts from the Perspective of Fifty Years

28 May, 2021

Former Ukrainian Canadian student activists discuss their involvement in the early days of the multicultural movement and reflect on its legacy.

Jars Balan (Director, Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre) held a round table conversation with Dr. Bohdan Krawchenko, Dr. Roman Petryshyn, Marusia Petryshyn, and Andy Semotiuk.