CIUS Rotating Book Display in Rutherford Library Atrium!

An ongoing, rotating, 4-case book display of CIUS Publications (and some resources from the Ukrainian Language Education Center [ULEC]) in the east corner of Rutherford Library atrium (due to renovations in Rutherford, this display will resume in July);

29 January 2016


The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press (CIUS Press) is the publishing arm of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies centered at the University of Alberta. The CIUS Press is a leading publisher of new and original scholarship in English on Ukrainian history, language, and literature and about Ukrainians in Canada. Occasionally, the Press also publishes English translations of Ukrainian scholarship and belles-lettres as well as monographs and memoirs in Ukrainian.

Over the past 40 years the CIUS Press has published close to 200 book publications and over 65 research reports. The majority of these books are in English, but the CIUS Press has also published many Ukrainian-language titles, as well as some in French and Russian, including articles in Polish, Romanian, German, Spanish, and Armenian that appear in various titles. More than twenty CIUS Press books have been co-published with Western academic presses and, since 1991, another thirty books have been co-published with publishers in Ukraine in order to reduce costs and capitalize on established distribution networks.

The Press's website contains its catalogue and ordering information.

The CIUS Press is currently directed by Dr. Marko R. Stech.


An important part of the CIUS' mission includes research and development in Ukrainian Language Pedagogical Resources. The Ukrainian Language Education Centre (ULEC) supports Ukrainian Language and Culture learners of all ages in every classroom. Since 1976, ULEC has researched, created, developed, improved, and shared resources for learners of Ukrainian all across Canada.

ULEC's website contains its catalogue and ordering information.

ULEC's current acting director is Dr. Alla Nedashkivska.

Please direct any questions or comments about this display, or CIUS' 40th Anniversary, to Susanna M. Lynn of CIUS by emailing "".