COVID-19 UPDATE: Student loans; academic accommodations; all campuses and residences remain open

March 18, 5:30 p.m. - Today both the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta announced new measures. Updates available regarding student loans, academic accommodations, exams and a new section for researchers on the U of A's COVID-19 website.

18 March 2020

Posted: March 18, 5:30 p.m.

To all University of Alberta community members,

Today, both the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta announced six-month, interest-free moratoriums on student loan payments:

Below are updates from across the U of A today:

Campuses Remain Open

In order to abide by social distancing measures, the university is asking all employees that can work remotely or who are not required to work in person to arrange to do so with their supervisor. However, our campuses and residences remain safe and open so that we can continue to support our students, faculty and researchers. 

Winter 2020 Examinations

An update regarding Winter 2020 examinations will be coming following the GFC Executive committee meeting later this week.

URSI's Suspended for Winter 2020

The Universal Student Ratings of Instruction have been suspended for Winter 2020. This decision was made to ensure that we are making the best use of our academic and administrative resources in these extraordinary circumstances.

Academic Accommodations

Since the university transitioned to remote delivery as of March 17, required academic accommodations for students may need to change. The Academic Success Centre and the Office of the Dean of Students are working to support students through these extenuating circumstances.

All exams with academic accommodations scheduled for the week of March 17- 22, 2020, unless otherwise communicated, have been postponed, while we transition to remote delivery.  

For information, please check the Academic Success Centre.

Guidance for Research

A COVID-19 response guide for university researchers and research groups will be distributed before the end of the day to faculty, postdocs, students, and staff engaged in research. It will be posted on the U of A COVID-19 website.

Instruction Update

Tuesday, March 17 marked our first day of remote delivery, here are some of our key learnings and resource updates for instructors and students.

Employee Travel Insurance Update

Updated information that employees need to know about out of country travel insurance coverage and COVID-19 if you leave the country on or after March 19, 2020.

Remote IST Support

Information Services & Technology has curated resources to assist instructors, students, and staff with teaching, learning, and working remotely.

Check Your Sources

A friendly reminder that you should be receiving your COVID-19 health and travel information directly from public health and travel authorities, such as Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Global Affairs Canada. Likewise, your U of A information will always come directly to you from the university’s main accounts, your faculty, or another verified and easily identifiable university source. 

Please continue to check this site regularly for information on the current status of our community and campuses.