A message from the University of Alberta on health, wellness, and accommodations

8 March 2023

Following Reading Week and as the Winter Term progresses, keeping our U of A community healthy remains a top priority. As influenza season continues, we recognize that we may continue to see some community members needing time away to care for dependents and themselves. You are encouraged to continue following the HealthyU Essentials, including staying home when ill, be familiar with health and wellbeing resources available to you, and be aware of the supports available to assist you in accommodating students who are unable to attend class. 

Staying home when ill

Despite best efforts and measures taken, should you feel unwell, please follow the university’s recommendation to stay home and take care of yourself. 

Accommodating students who are unable to attend class

We recognize that faculty, staff and students continue to balance their health with their research, work, and studies. We also recognize and are grateful that many of you have been busy assisting students who have required accommodations for recent course work, assignments and final exams. Please keep in mind there is guidance available for you on what to do if a student is absent from term work or exams. For example, remember you cannot require students to visit a doctor or other healthcare provider nor require them to provide a medical note. Discretion and compassion should be used in deciding whether circumstances justify granting an excused absence. You can also help direct students to the various accommodations and wellness services available to them, as shared below: 

Academic accommodations and wellness services for students 

By taking steps to keep ourselves healthy and ensuring students receive appropriate accommodations when they are feeling unwell, we can protect the health and well-being of our community.