Engineering at Alberta Young Alumni Council


Currently, EnggYAC consists of five Sub-Councils,each targeting one of the Council's key priority areas, summarized below. A full description of Sub-Council roles and responsibilities are available in EnggYAC's Terms of Reference.

Networking Sub-Council

Facilitates a variety of networking opportunities to help expand both the social and professional contacts among young alumni and to connect peers from across different companies and different engineering disciplines. They also look for opportunities to connect current students with young alumni.


Community Involvement Sub-Council

Identifies opportunities for young engineering alumni to positively impact their community, largely through volunteering and community-building activities and experiences.


Professional Development & Mentorship Sub-Council

Creates opportunities for young alumni to develop and improve their soft skills, helping them to advance in variety of professional settings.


EnggTALK Sub-Council

Organizes opportunities for past alumni to share their interests, talents and knowledge to an engaged audience of young alumni, primarily through EnggTALK events.


Diversity & Women in Engineering Sub-Council

Collaborates with various University and Faculty groups to promote the inclusion of under-represented groups in engineering.