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Options, Guidelines, and Submission Requirements 

Looking to build brand awareness and connect with our 6,000+ undergrad and graduate engineering students? 

Engineering Career Connections promotes employer information sessions, networking events, design challenges, hackathons, and professional development opportunities via our weekly newsletter, events calendars, and social media.

To have your engineering-specific initiative or event considered for inclusion, please submit the required information via our Promotion Request form.

Note that the form requires you to:

  • identify your target audience (discipline(s), degree program(s), year(s))
  • provide the event or initiative particulars (title, marketing blurb (max 500 characters))
  • include a URL for students to access additional information and register/apply
  • optional: add an event banner image and/or promotional photo

To allow us adequate time to promote your opportunity, we ask that requests be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to an event. For inclusion in our weekly newsletter, submissions must be received by 12:00 noon (MT) on Friday.

Our office reserves the right to determine what is posted on our platforms: our ability to promote your item/event is also dependent on the timing and volume of requests received

Have questions about our form? Email us at

Looking to reach students in other Faculties? Visit the U of A Career Centre for options and submission instructions.


Submit a Promotional Request


Promotional Channels

Engg Career News

What we’ll share: Information sessions, coffee chats/mentorship, design challenges, networking opportunities, industry scholarships, and other employment-related or professional development events. 

Note: we are unable to promote individual jobs via our newsletter, but do include a list of engineering-specific jobs closing in campusBRIDGE for the coming week

Limits / Restrictions: 

  • 250 words or less (maximum 500 characters). 
  • Banner image (optional, but recommended). 
  • Videos and posters can be linked, but not embedded.
  • Submissions must be received before 12:00 noon the preceeding Friday.

For an example of what your submission could look like, check out the January 3, 2023 edition of our newsletter.

Events Calendars

Engineering Career Connections Calendar | Engineering Co-op Calendar

What we’ll share: Information sessions, hackathons/design competitions, networking opportunities, conferences, and other professional development events related to career development, attraction and/or recruitment.

Limits / Restrictions: 

  • 250 words or less (maximum 500 characters). 
  • No images, videos, or attachments.
LinkedIn - Pages

Follow us at: University of Alberta Engineering Career Connections | University of Alberta Engineering Co-op Program

What we’ll share: Engineering Recruitment events, “day in the life of” videos, Co-op Program recruitment info, kudos to U of A engineering students or alumni, etc.

Limits / Restrictions

  • Maximum 700 characters (including spaces). 
  • Images (optional, but recommended), dimensions: 1200x628px. 
LinkedIn - Closed Group

Our University of Alberta Engineering Career Connections LinkedIn group brings together 4,800+ current students and alumni from our Faculty.

What we’ll share: Engineering Recruitment events, “day in the life of” videos, career planning and job search tips, kudos to a U of A engineering student or alumni, etc. that could be of interest to group members.

Note: Companies are encouraged to post their employment opportunities via campusBRIDGE, however group members are able to share summer and EIT job opportunities in the group. Submissions are subject to approval by the group’s administrators.

Limits / Restrictions

  • Maximum 700 characters (including spaces).
  • Images (optional, but recommended), dimensions: 1200x628px.