Name Title Email Office
Vinay Prasad Chair 12-224 DICE
Aneta Thompson Interim Academic Department Manager aneta.thompson
12-226 DICE
Tony Yeung Vice-Chair, Undergraduate 12-241 DICE
Hao Zhang Associate Dean, Graduate Program 12-230 DICE
Name Title Email Research Areas
Erin Bobicki Associate Professor
Robert Burrell Professor Biomedical Engineering Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication, Medical Devices and Drug Delivery
Ken Cadien Professor Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication, Surface Science and Engineering
Weixing Chen Professor Corrosion and Wear
Hyo-Jick Choi Associate Professor Epidemic/Pandemic Disease Control Measures, Vaccine Technology, Airborne Pathogen Deactivation Technology, Antimicrobial Face Masks, Antimicrobial Surfaces Against Food-Borne/Water-Borne/Hospital Associated Infectious Disease Transmission, Oral/Transdermal Vaccine/Biopharmaceutical Formulations
Phillip Choi Professor Mathematical and Molecular Modeling, Materials Characterization and Processing, Inverse gas Chromatography, Polymer Properties, Biopolymer Properties, Polymer Dynamics, Polymer Solution Thermodynamics. Polymeric Drug Carriers. Intelligent Fertilizers. Molecular Simulation, Solvent Extraction of Oilsands, Solvent Recovery, Utilization of Protein Wastes
Hyun-Joong Chung Associate Professor Elastomers, Gels, Biomedical devices, Stretchable electronics, Smart textiles
Arno de Klerk Professor Conversion Processes, Catalysis, Coal, Petroleum, Energy and Fuels
Stevan Dubljevic Associate Professor Distributed Parameter Sytem Process Control, Fluid flow systems control and monitoring, Thermodynamical transport-reaction modelling ,monitoring and control, Biophysical cardiac systems, Mathematical and Commputer large scale modelling and simulations, Steel manufacturing process modelling and control, Mineral Processing Control and Monitoring, Geothermal Enery Harvesting, Irrigation systems control, monitoiring and algae suppression
Anastasia Elias Professor / Associate Dean, Research and Innovation Microfabrication, Nanomaterials, Composites, Polymers, Sensors, Additive Manufacturing, Engineering Faculty Executive
Janet AW Elliott University of Alberta Distinguished Professor & Canada Research Chair in Thermodynamics Thermodynamics, Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Transport Phenomena - Fluid dynamics/ mass and heat transfer, Mathematical and Molecular Modeling, Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication, Oil Sands, Energy, Surface Science and Engineering, Cryobiology and Cryopreservation
Thomas H Etsell Professor Materials Characterization and Processing
Fraser Forbes Professor Optimization, Process Control
Ajay Ganesh Assistant Instructor Professor Complex Systems and Control, Data Science, Machine Learning, Multi-Physics Processes
Robert E Hayes Professor / Associate Chair, Research Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Transport Phenomena - Fluid dynamics/ mass and heat transfer, Mathematical and Molecular Modeling, Energy
Hani Henein Professor Materials Process Engineering Applied to Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Solidification, Steel Processing, Pipeline Steels, Thermophysical Property Measurements, Microgravity Materials Science
Biao Huang Professor Process Control, Oil Sands, Energy, Automation, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, System Identification, Fault Detection
Douglas G Ivey Professor Materials Characterization, Electron Microscopy, Electrochemical Energy Storage/Conversion, Pipeline Steels
Mohd Adnan Khan Assistant Professor Energy Transition; Techno-economic and Life-cycle Analysis; Hydrogen; Renewables; Electrocatalysis
Elizabeth Lee Assistant Lecturer Engineering Technical Staff
Lianne Lefsrud

Associate Professor, Risk Innovation and Sustainability Chair (RISC) Risk Management, Risk Communication, Leadership, Technology Adoption, Process Safety, Management Systems, Organizational Theory, Sustainability, Climate Change, Energy Systems
Dongyang Li Professor Wear, Corrosion, Material design, Tribo-materials, Surface Science and Engineering, Computational Materials Science
Leijun Li Professor Welding Metallurgy, High Temperature Mechanical Properties, Pipelines and Pressure Vessels, Engineering Failure Analysis
Zukui Li Associate Professor Optimization, Process Systems Engineering, Process Control, Data Analytics, Machine Learning
Jinfeng Liu Professor Process Systems Engineering, Mathematical and Molecular Modeling, Energy, Artificial Intelligence
Jing Liu Assistant Professor Corrosion; High entropy alloys; High temperature; Electrochemistry
Qi Liu Professor Oil Sands and Energy, Mineral Processing
Qingxia Liu Professor Biomedical Engineering
William McCaffrey Professor Biochemical Engineering, Oil Sands and Energy, Reactions and Catalysis
Patricio Mendez Professor Welding and Metallurgy
Samir H Mushrif Associate Professor Computational Catalysis, Molecular Modeling, Reaction Engineering, Alternate Energy and Fuels, Biomass Conversion, CO2 Reduction, Hydrogen Production, Condensed Phase Chemistry
Ravin Narain Professor Advanced Polymers, Nanomaterials, Biomedical Engineering, Cell and Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Glycosciences, Drug and Gene Therapy, Surfaces, Hydrogels.
Neda Nazemifard Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics, Oil Sands and Energy
Petr Nikrityuk Professor Transport Phenomena - Fluid dynamics/ mass and heat transfer Energy Energy and Heat Storage
John Nychka Professor / Vice-Provost (Learning Initiatives) Materials Characterization and Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Regenerative Medicine
Vinay Prasad Professor / Interim Chair Process Systems Engineering: Modeling, Estimation, Control and Monitoring; Reaction Engineering and Catalysis; Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning; Chemoinformatics; Energy; Mineral Processing
Arvind Rajendran Professor Gas Separations, CO2 Capture, Absorption Fundamentals, Process Design and Optimization, Negative Emission Technologies
Farzaneh Sadri Assistant Professor Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Resource Materials, Critical Metals Processing, Rare Earth Element Extraction, Solution Purification, Secondary Resource Processing, Mining Waste Treatment, Sustainable Processing
R Sean Sanders Professor Pipeline Hydrotransport; Scale-Up of Multiphase Processes; CFD; Rheology of Industrial, non-Newtonian mixtures; Erosion-corrosion in Particle-laden Flows
Dominic Sauvageau Associate Professor
Natalia Semagina Professor | Director of Institute for Oil Sands Innovation Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Energy
Joao Soares Professor Polymerization Reaction Engineering, Polyolefins, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polymer Flocculants, Oil Sands Tailings, Ziegler-Natta, Metallocenes, Polymer Characterization
Hasan Uludag Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication
Larry Unsworth Professor Biomedical Engineering, Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication, Surface Science and Engineering
Xiaolei Wang Assistant Professor Advanced Materials, Clean Energy Technologies, Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis, Nanotechnology, Batteries and Supercapacitors
Anthony Yeung Professor/ Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program Engineering Department Executive, Fluid Dynamics, Oil Sands and Energy, Surface Science and Engineering
Hongbo Zeng Professor, Canada Research Chair Colloids and Interface Science, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Characterization and Processing, Nanomaterials, Oil Sands, Energy, Mineral Processing, Polymers Hydrogels
Hao Zhang Professor / Associate Chair, Graduate Program Engineering Department Executive Mathematical and Molecular Modeling Corrosion and Wear Materials Characterization and Processing Surface Science and Engineering Thermodynamics Metallurgy
Xuehua Zhang Professor Supervisor, Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication, Transport Phenomena - Fluid Dynamics/ Mass and Heat Transfer, Nanomaterials And Nanofabrication, Oil Sands, Energy, Surface Science and Engineering
Name Title Email Research Areas
Artin Afacan Faculty Service Officer
Dave Sharp Faculty Service Officer
Name Title Email Research Areas
Christopher Coles ESRM Industrial Professor (Associate Director) School of Engineering Safety and Risk Managemen
John Cocchio Industrial Professor Engineering Design/Process Safety, Risk Management, Occupational Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Work Process Application
Marnie Jamieson Industrial Professor
Lisa White Industrial Professor School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management
Gordon Winkel Industrial Professor School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management