Undergraduate Programs

Chemical and Materials Engineers have played, and will continue to play extremely important roles in society. Chemical engineers develop chemical processes that take chemistry from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale, finding new ways to convert raw materials to finished products that leads to improvements in daily life at a societal scale. Materials engineers develop new materials and improve the performance of materials by understanding the interplay between their processing, structure, properties and performance, again leading to impacts at a societal scale. 

As we move to a future with a focus on sustainability and energy transitions, chemical and materials engineering have a vital role to play. Chemical engineers are at the heart of the development of greener and more sustainable processes and technologies, and materials engineers solve the associated new challenges and requirements for materials. 

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta offers both traditional four-year degrees and five-year co-op degrees. We offer the following degrees: 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers play an important role in society, finding new ways to convert raw materials into finished products and make improvements to daily life. Our Chemical Engineering program is regarded as one of the leading programs of its kind in North America and is distinguished for its oil sands and biomedical research.

The Computer Process Control curriculum is built around the Chemical Engineering program core. You will take all the required chemical engineering courses, as well as additional specialized courses that help to develop your skills as a computer process control engineer.

Materials Engineering

Materials engineers work to produce, process, and manufacture raw materials and finished products, impacting the world around us in immeasurable ways. The University of Alberta is the only university in Western Canada to offer a Materials Engineering program; our graduates are in demand across Canada and around the world in industries as diverse as energy, biology, medicine, consumer products, and communications.

All of our undergraduate programs are of high quality and well-respected. The chemical and materials engineering programs are regarded as amongst the leading programs of their kind in North America, and having both disciplines in a single department provides synergies that are not available elsewhere. The computer process control program is unique in Canada and much of the world in offering a specialized option at the undergraduate level in this important area with wide industrial applicability. 

Our curricula are updated regularly to reflect the progress in the relevant fields while maintaining a solid focus on fundamentals, and prepare our students for the future. Our professors and instructors are passionate, approachable and have the students’ best interests at heart. Our graduates build successful and rewarding careers, either through entrepreneurship or employment, in diverse industries involving energy and the environment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicine, data science, and many others.

 Joining our programs provides you with an opportunity to make a difference to the world in the future while engaging in a voyage of scientific discovery. This, coupled with the variety of career options post-graduation, is why you should consider our undergraduate programs.