Fall 2024 Recruitment

Welcome students to the Fall 2024 Engineering Co-op Recruitment. For your reference, here is an outline of key information for participation in this recruitment. Please read this carefully.

Important To Do Now

  1. Update your resume using the Co-op Resume Handbook in the Co-op Student Toolkit.
  2. Obtain an updated copy of your unofficial transcript from Bear Tracks.
  3. Once you have an updated copy of your resume and transcript, upload the documents to campusBRIDGE and apply to “76825 - Fall 2024 Recruitment - Mock Job” by May 7, 2024 at 11:59 pm for a quick document quality-control check.

Important To Know

  • Job postings go live: May 6, 2024.
  • Application deadlines can be any day of the week and your application may be sent as a part of an all-applicant packet sent after the closing date or immediately after you apply depending on employer preference. 
  • There will no longer be an initial posting deadline. Employers have been asked to open positions for 4 to 10 days; however, we can’t guarantee that some jobs will not close earlier.
  • If you are asked to apply via the employer’s website, you should also apply on campusBRIDGE
  • Recruitment continues until early October or until all students are placed.
  • Questions? Further information is available by visiting our Student FAQ or by connecting with a Co-op Program Advisor.

Recruitment Policies

  • Please carefully review positions prior to applying. If you have any questions about a posting contact the Employer Relationship Manager (ERM) listed as the Co-op Contact on the bottom of the job posting. 
  • Remember the 3 Ls when reviewing job postings: Length, Level, Location.  
    • Length: Do not misrepresent your availability; clearly state the duration of your work term on your resume and apply accordingly. 
    • Level: Jobs are only eligible for the listed work term levels; applying out of scope can have serious consequences. 
    • Location: Relocation and accommodation will likely be the responsibility of the student unless otherwise noted in the job posting.
    • Bonus L: Licence! The requirement of a driver’s licence or vehicle is stated in the posting. If you are unsure, please contact the Co-op Contact listed on the job. 
  • We run a continuous recruitment process. Jobs will be posted as they come in, interviews booked as the employers are ready, and offers could be made immediately after interviews.  
  • If you interview for a job and find a large disparity from what you read in the posting and wish to be removed from consideration, reach out to the Co-op Contact listed on the job posting. You need to contact the ERM within 24 hours of the interview. You must have a compelling reason to be removed as an employment candidate. If your request is approved, it will not count as a decline.
  • Employers are encouraged to book interviews and extend job offers via the Co-op Office, but some may contact students directly. If you do receive an interview or offer directly, please inform the Co-op Contact listed on the job posting. Should you be invited to an interview or offered a position after you have already been placed, decline and advise the Co-op Contact.
  • Students will have 48 hours (excluding weekends) to respond to an offer. Should you fail to respond in time, the offer is automatically declined and extended to the next ranked candidate. The Co-op Office is unable to extend the offer deadline. Students are expected to check their ualberta.ca email inbox and rankings in campusBRIDGE frequently. Failure to respond to an offer in time will be considered a decline.
  • Students are allowed to decline one job offer per recruitment cycle with no consequences. Should you decline more than one job offer and you're unemployed at the end of the recruitment cycle, you will be asked to resequence your Co-op Program. This may add cost and time to your degree.
  • Once you accept an offer of employment, do not continue your job search either within or outside of campusBRIDGE. Students are expected to honour their offer acceptances (verbal or written) and there may be serious consequences for not doing so. Be sure to contact the ERM with any questions you may have about an offer prior to accepting.
  • We encourage you to look outside of campusBRIDGE for work as well. Check out these resources to assist you in finding a job. If you find a position, please inform us as soon as possible so we can review and approve the opportunity. Track your own job search with the tracking sheet available in the Co-op Student Toolkit

Last Updated: April 29, 2024