Co-op Program Harassment Policy and Procedures

All members of the University of Alberta community have the right to work and learn in an environment free of harassment and discrimination, regardless of work location.

Need Help Now?

If you experience harassment or discrimination during a co-op work term, we are here to support you.

Available resources include:

Sexual Harassment and Violence

Additional UAlberta resources can be found at Support Services.

For definitions of sexual assault and harassment, please see Understanding Consent and Sexual Violence.

Sexual violence can affect individuals of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations, as well as those from all ages, abilities, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. Please visit the UAlberta Sexual Violence Information and Resources page to learn more.

Discrimination and Bullying

Additional information about UAlberta's policies can be found at the Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights (OSDHR).

Counselling & Support Resources
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