Summer 2021 Recruitment

The Summer 2021 Engineering Co-op Recruitment will soon be underway. For your reference here is an outline of key information for participation in this recruitment. Please read this carefully.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, we will continue to use a different process for the Summer recruitment for 2021. We will NOT be using rank and match for this recruitment but will instead be proceeding directly into a continuous recruitment. This will commence on January 4 and continue until all students have been placed.

We decided to do this so as to not disadvantage our students in a situation where many schools are all competing to place their students in what we believe will be a much smaller selection of jobs.

We will have slightly different rules for this continuous recruitment:

  • Please closely review all positions prior to applying. Contact the co-op coordinator for each posting with any questions before applying. You could be placed in any job you apply to very quickly.
  • If you interview and find a large disparity from what you read in the posting and wish to be removed from consideration, you will need to contact the coordinator within 24 hours of the interview. You must have a compelling reason for the removal to be allowed.
  • Students will be granted 48 hours maximum after receiving an offer to make a decision, although letting us know as soon as possible is best.
  • Students may decline one offer. After that the student is required to either accept the next offer they receive or they will have to find a job on their own for this work term. The work term will not be waived should you fail to find a job after declining two offers.
  • We encourage you to look outside of PlacePro for work as well. If you find an appropriate position, please let us know as soon as possible. Please ensure you keep track of all the jobs that you apply for on your own. Check out these resources to assist you to find a job.

Important To Know

  • The Co-op Website remains the best place to access current information about the Summer Recruitment.
  • Job postings go live: January 4, 2021.
  • Application deadlines will be 10:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday - the closing date is listed on the job posting. Read carefully.
  • Recruitment continues until all students are placed. While the anticipated start date for Summer term jobs is the first week of May, start dates may be delayed by some companies. A start date of mid-June would be considered acceptable in certain cases. Please consult a coordinator.

Important To Do Now

  1. Make sure you have an updated copy of your resume and transcript uploaded in a Portfolio into PlacePro.
  2. You are now able to generate your own electronic unofficial transcript through Bear Tracks. Upload it into PlacePro and create a default portfolio with only your resume and transcript. This should be completed by January 4. Please do not include unnecessary documents in your portfolio. We have found that some scanned documents (especially large ones) have caused transmission errors when we try to send them. Also, delete any outdated or obsolete documents that you may have on PlacePro.
  3. Access the Resume Guidelines and Template through the Co-op Toolkit (Note: If including GPA on your resume, calculate it based on the courses that you have grades for to date since the Winter semester is CR / NCR).
  4. Remember to log into PlacePro using uofastu. You can choose "Forgot Password" on the Place Pro landing page if you have forgotten your password.


Last Updated: December 4, 2020