Work Permits for International Students

Applying for your Work Permit

International students entering the Co-op Program in Fall 2020 will be participating in work term recruitment as early as January 2021. Before you are able to participate in the recruitment, you must obtain your work permit.

IMPORTANT: Work permit processing times can take up to three months or longer. Do not delay in submitting your application.

  1. Obtain your letter from the co-op office: In August, the co-op office will prepare and provide an official letter indicating that you are enrolled in a program requiring work term placements in order to successfully complete your degree. You will be notified by email once this letter is available for pickup from the co-op office.
  2. Apply for your work permit and Social Insurance Number (SIN): Meet with an International Student Advisor at International Student Services, located at 142 Telus Centre, to complete and submit your application.
  3. Bring your work permit and SIN card to the co-op office: Once you receive your work permit and SIN card, you must bring both to the co-op office. After we have confirmed that you have received your work permit, you will be released in PlacePro and able to view and apply to advertised opportunities.

Work Permit Extensions

International students are responsible for ensuring that their work permit extension has been approved prior to participating in the next round of recruitment. In order to renew your work permit you will need to request a new Co-op Confirmation Letter from the Engineering Co-op Office. When requesting a new confirmation letter, please allow a minimum of one week for the document to be prepared.

If you allow your work permit to expire, you must reapply as described above.

We strongly recommend that students apply for work permit extensions well in advance of the expiration date listed on their work permit.

Last update: April 14, 2020