Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laboratory Training and Access Requirements

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has assigned training requirements to each laboratory/research space, based on the type of hazards present in that space.


To gain access to a laboratory space/research space in civil engineering, you are required to completed the Laboratory Safety Orientation and Training Record form.

Required training spreadsheet gives the Room Name, P.I, Safety Coordinator, Planned Inspection Frequency, Training Requirements needed to have unsupervised access, and the PPE required for entry for every Laboratory Space in Civil.

The laboratory safety orientation and training record form should be completed by the Laboratory Safety Coordinator. No Laboratory Keys should be issued to a Student until the Safety Requirements are met and documented in this sheet. This sheet is to be kept as a Training Log by the Laboratory Safety Coordinator, in the Laboratory Space, as long as the Student will be using the laboratory. A scanned copy is required to be sent to


Training requirements vary between Laboratories. A properly done and approved Hazard Assessment will set the training requirements for the space.

  • Generally, the following training courses are required:
  • Depending on the nature of your research additional courses may be required:
  • Concepts in Biosafety
  • UV Protection
  • CO2 Safety
  • Laser Safety

Individuals planning on doing fieldwork should start by taking the course on Field Activities Plan course offered by Environment, Health, and Safety's Field Research Office. For more information and assistance on field research please contact

P.I., Laboratory Supervisor, Laboratory Safety Coordinator, or any Individual directing the work of others are required to take the new Supervisory EHS Professional Development Course.