The SPARK-ENG program aims to enhance effective instructional practice, classroom interactions, assessment and understanding of Graduate Attributes for faculty members and instructors in the Faculty of Engineering.

Based on the foundation of situated learning and framework of building communities of practice, the program promotes active participation, collaboration and reflection across the career-span. It is grounded in evidence-based approaches in higher education and STEM education.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance teaching in undergraduate engineering through evidence-based practices
  • To teach towards the development of graduate attributes
  • To develop learner-centred instructional strategies for knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • To showcase examples of exceptional local teaching
  • To foster communities of scholars in teaching and learning for engineering education

Program Structure

  • During the academic year, 7 workshops occur. Each workshop is 2 hours in length. Topics include major teaching and learning concepts along the following timelines:
August, 2024 Beginning the teaching term
Getting to know your learners; Lesson Planning and Lesson Objectives; Lesson Introductions (over two days).
November, 2024 Engaging Students through Active Learning
December, 2024 Questioning Strategies and Classroom Discourse
February, 2025 Assessment Practices
April, 2025 Experiential Learning in Teaching and Learning

  • During the academic year, a scheduled, one hour, Community of Practice meeting occurs along the following timelines:
2024 September, October, November
2025 January, February, March

  • Each teaching term, the Instructional Coaches meet with participants  for a minimum of three observation and feedback sessions.
  • The SPARK-ENG Program culminates with an engineering education Symposium. The Symposium showcases participant best practices in teaching and learning and provides opportunity for participant recognition.

The program is led by an Instructional Coach that will support participants in their instructional practice by hosting in-person workshops, observing and providing feedback on classroom practice, collecting workplace learning tasks and facilitating the in-person community of practice meetings. 

Participants will be placed into small group cohorts (8-10 participants), with a mix of discipline and levels of experience, and will have access to an experienced SPARK-ENG Instructional Coach throughout their time in the program.


The program is open to all faculty members and Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) including early-career as well as those who are more experienced, but interested in developing their teaching practice. As the program is structured around the implementation of new techniques and strategies, as well as reflection on their effectiveness, it is strongly recommended that participants are teaching at least one class during the length of the program.


New SPARK-Eng cohorts begin in the fall and winter terms, email us ( for more information and to register.

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