About Us

Our Vision

The Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Program is an initiative comprising curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular entrepreneurial resources developed by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. ​ The ICE Technology Incubator is part of our experiential learning offerings and integrates with campus maker spaces to provide a dedicated space for students and recent alumni interested in commercializing technology and launching new start-ups and social ventures. ​ As part of our curricular programming, we currently also offer an introductory course on entrepreneurship for students looking to gain a foundational understanding of how to plan, design, and build a tech start-up.

Our Commitment

We recognize that innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship at UAlberta are constantly evolving. Using Agile Development Methodology, ICE aims to deliver the highest value program in the shortest time relying on iterative feedback from all our program stakeholders. Through all aspects of programming, we are committed to:

  • Centering the student experience and user feedback
  • Providing a unique value instead of duplicating existing resources
  • Championing collaboration and integration across the University of Alberta innovation ecosystem
  • Fostering welcoming, inclusive, and accessible communities and spaces

Whether you're curious about venturing into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, developing a new prototype, or looking to scale an existing tech-based initiative — we've got suitable programs to support you through this journey.

Special thanks to the Poole and the Triffo Family for their generous support of the ICE program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students, Staff + Recent Alumni

What benefits and opportunities does the Incubator space offer?

The ICE Engineering Incubator equips participants with mentorship, industry connections, funding opportunities, and unique equipment for prototype development. Our programs combine in-person and online learning for flexibility.

I am not a U of A student, can I still use the Incubator benefits?

Currently, the ICE Engineering Incubator is available to undergraduate, graduate students, researchers, staff, and recent alumni (graduated within the last 5 years) from the University of Alberta.

What are the program eligibility criteria?

Eligible teams include students, staff, or recent graduates, who are working on a hardware technology or tech-enabled platform, demonstrate a commitment to creating a scalable business or social initiative, and uphold the program's values.

What counts as a ‘tech-enabled’ initiative?

A tech-enabled initiative is a venture that includes a digital or physical tech component, which may not necessarily be its main feature.

Can I sign up on my own or do I need to have a team?

Applications are currently accepted from teams only, preferably consisting of no more than 4 members.

How do I apply?

The application involves submitting an online form and attending an interview. Once accepted, we'll pair you with a mentor and start planning your goals.

How long can I participate in the program?

You can be part of the program for a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 24 months.

How much does it cost to use the ICE Incubator resource?

The ICE Incubator resources are free. However, resources from partnered UofA innovation programs may come with charges.

Mentors + Advisors

What is the difference between Mentors and Advisors?

Mentors offer regular strategic counsel to assigned teams, while Advisors provide on-demand expertise. Mentors typically invest more time.

Can I be a mentor/advisor and a sponsor for the team at the same time?

No, mentors/advisors cannot sponsor their own teams, but they can sponsor other teams.

What do I do if there is a conflict of interest?

Contact us at iceincubator@ualberta.ca to discuss individual cases.

Is this a paid position with the Incubator?

No, mentorship and advising are voluntary roles without any monetary compensation.

How do students reach out to me?

After a mentor matching process, you'll receive an email with your team's details.

How many teams am I allowed to mentor?

As many as your time permits!

How long does one mentor commitment take?

Mentor commitments can last up to two years, subject to the team's tenure at the Incubator.

Can I change which teams I work with?

Yes, please contact iceincubator@ualberta.ca to facilitate a transition.