Graduate Studies in Engineering

UAlberta offers a wide range of graduate level programs through the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research, in partnership with the Faculty and individual Departments. Degree options are listed below, with links to more detailed information.

Start by researching professors with whom you might be interested in working:

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Then consult the respective home departments of the professors for more information about application procedures.

MEng - Master of Engineering
MBA-MEng - Combined Master of Business Administration and Master of Engineering

Application to this program is made through the School of Business »

The Combined MBA/MEng is available in:

  • Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Civil, Environmental, Mining & Petroleum Engineering
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Engineering Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
MINT - Master of Science in Internetworking
Internetworking Program
This program is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and the Faculty of Science (Department of Computing Science).
Dual Masters Degree - UAlberta-ENSIC
MD-PhD - Combined Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy

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Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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