Program Transfer Options

First Year Engineering Transfer Program

The Engineering at Alberta also offers one-year Engineering Transfer Programs through the following Alberta and British Columbia post-secondary institutions:

Students in the engineering transfer programs will take equivalent courses to those completed by first year Engineering students at the University of Alberta and will be considered for admission into a second year Engineering at Alberta program based on their first year results.

Students interested in an Engineering Transfer Program should apply directly to the transfer institution and applications will be assessed in accordance with that institution's admission requirements.

Additional information on transfer requirements can be found on our Transferring from an Engineering Transfer Program webpage.

Other Transfer Options

We also offer options for transferring in from:

Engineering Technologist Diploma Program

You can view the recommended sequence of the required courses for your program in the University of Alberta Calendar.

If you would like the opportunity to compete to be placed in a different program, you may complete a Program Selection Form and rank programs for admission for Fall. When competing to be placed in a program, admission is based on your GPA and completing a full course load. It is recommended that you wait until after your Fall term grades are in before deciding whether to remain in your current program or to compete for a different program. This can be a complex process so it is recommended that you discuss your options with an Advisor.

Should you decide to compete for a different engineering program, please contact