Undergraduate Admissions

Admission Requirements

High School Students

If you are applying to the Faculty of Engineering directly from high school, you will be considered for admission into the common/foundational year.

The first-year curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation and introduce you to the vast opportunities available in the Faculty as well as in the profession. Not only will you increase your academic capacity, but you'll also discover how you can shape your future career!

High School Admissions

Academic Requirements

Students are assessed for admission into the Faculty of Engineering based on the average they present in the five required senior-level high school subjects:

High School Academic Requirements
High School Subject Area Alberta High School Course
Math Math 30-1
Calculus Math 31
Chemistry Chemistry 30
Physics Physics 30
English English 30-1

Canadian students, use the program tool to see provincial course equivalents to the Alberta high school requirements.

International Students, see competitive averages and conversions.

If a student has not yet completed all of the required grade 12 courses at the time of application, the Faculty will use the grade 11 prerequisite in their place to potentially generate an early offer of admission (with conditions).

Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Past competitive admission averages for intake are available to give an idea of what a student needs to be considered competitive.

English Language Proficiency

As English is the primary language of instruction for all programs, all undergraduate applicants to Engineering need an adequate level of English Language Proficiency (ELP) prior to admission, regardless of citizenship status or country of origin.

For students applying from within Canada or from a country/institution where the primary language of instruction is English, the ELP requirement is generally met through proof of a minimum of three years of full-time study in English.

If a student is required to present proof of ELP, they will be notified through their Bear Tracks To Do List.

A comprehensive listing of how applicants can meet the ELP requirement, including required TOEFL and IELTS scores, can be found in the UAlberta Admissions website.

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Mature Students
Mature, non-matriculated students are assessed as high school applicants. For admission into the Faculty of Engineering, we will look at the average of the same required senior-level (grade 12) subjects with the exception of English, if it does not already appear on their official transcript. If English 30-1 (or equivalent) has been completed and appears on your transcript, it will be used in the calculation of your admission average.
Transfer from a UAlberta Engineering Transfer Program
Engineering at Alberta is pleased to admit students who have completed a one-year Engineering Transfer Program through one of several post-secondary institutions in Alberta and British Columbia. Please see our Engineering Transfer Program information page for more details.
Transfer from an Engineering Technologist Diploma Program
Students who complete Engineering Technologist Diploma programs can be considered for admission to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Please see our Engineering Technologist Diploma Transfer information page for more details.
Transfer from another post-secondary institution
Admission for students with previous post-secondary experience into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta will depend on space availability within the faculty. Please see our Transfer from Another Post-Secondary Institution information page for more details.
Transfer from another UAlberta Faculty

Admission for students with previous UAlberta post-secondary experience into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta will depend on space availability within the faculty. Please see our Transfer from another UAlberta Faculty information page for more details.

Transition Year Program (TYP) for Indigenous Students

If you are an Indigenous student who does not meet the competitive admission requirements, the Transition Year Program (TYP) may be right for you. In this program, you start your first year of studies in a program specially designed with extra tutorial support in every class to help you succeed with the transition to Engineering.

The courses you take during your TYP year include specific courses required for Engineering. At the end of that year, you will then apply to Engineering. You will be admitted if you have succeeded in your courses in the TYP.

For more information on the Transition Year Program, contact First Peoples' House at fph@ualberta.ca or by phone at 780-492-5677.

Special Students

To be considered for admission as a Special Student, you must have received a university engineering degree from an accredited post-secondary institution, present a competitive admission grade point average, and meet Language Requirements.

Special Students are are limited to part-time status and will only be able to take two courses per term which are not counted for credit toward a degree program. As priority is given to applicants to degree programs, there may be a limit on the number of special students admitted each year and subject to available space. Special Students may not have access to all courses offered by all departments. For further information, please contact the Engineering Student Services office at enggadvising@ualberta.ca.

Special Students are expected to submit the Application for Admission along with supporting documents. It is important to check the calendar as Special Student deadlines are slightly different than those for regular degree programs.

Visiting Students

Students enrolled at another university in a full-time undergraduate program may choose to attend the University of Alberta for one term or one academic year as a Visiting Student. The purpose of the Visiting Student status is to complete coursework that will be transferred back to the student's home institution for degree completion there.

This is not an exchange program, as visiting students will be responsible for payment of tuition fees directly to the University of Alberta.

Admission requirements for Visiting Students are as follows:

- Student is in a degree program at home institution
- Student is in their 3rd year of study or higher at their home institution with a GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
- Student has a letter of permission from home institution
- Student meets the Language Requirements for the University of Alberta.

Further details on admission requirements, please contact the Engineering Student Services office at enggadvising@ualberta.ca.



Application Process

Applying to a university involves a few different steps and it can often be hard to know what's next, where you are in the process, and how to proceed with your application. To find out where you are in the process and what your next steps should be check out the information below. 

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1. Review Admission Requirements
In order to be considered for admission, you must meet the course requirements, the competitive average, and language proficiency requirements. See our Admissions Requirements section for more details.
2. Review Application and Document Deadlines

Important application and document dates and deadlines can be found on the University's Admissions website.

For more details, see the University Calendar

3. Submit Your Application (including for Residence!)

Apply online! Please note that your application is not considered to be submitted until the application fee has been paid.

You can apply for residence when you apply for admission, using the same application form. Students who apply by April 30 are guaranteed on-campus housing.

4. Submit Documents and Update Your Application

After you have submitted your application, you will have access to the UAlberta Launchpad portal to check your application status and review any checklist items for your program.

Please note that high school applicants in Alberta will have their transcripts automatically requested and provided to the University of Alberta.

5. Check your UAlberta Email and Bear Tracks
Once you submit your application, you will be assigned a UAlberta email address, a student ID number, and a Campus Computing ID (CCID). Going forward, your UAlberta email address is the one we will use to correspond with you. In the meantime, watch your personal email account for more details. Your CCID allows you to access many services, including your UAlberta email account and Bear Tracks, UAlberta's online student service system. For assistance with Bear Tracks, refer to the Bear Tracks User Guide.
6. Apply for Scholarships and Awards
Visit the University of Alberta Scholarships and Awards page for complete details

After you've been accepted

So you've been accepted to Engineering at the University of Alberta! Congratulations! What happens next?

Accept Your Offer and Pay Your Tuition Deposit

When your admission offer is available, you will be notified to go to UAlberta Launchpad to accept your offer. This will allow you to secure your place and become eligible to register for courses in Bear Tracks.

If you applied for residence, you must also accept your residence offer in Bear Tracks to secure your space. After you've accepted, you will receive a link to your residence contract, along with information about your residence and life on campus.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us at engginfo@ualberta.ca.

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