Finding Research Opportunities

Connecting Students with Professors:

As an undergraduate engineering student, finding research opportunities is a pretty straightforward process. Start off by exploring areas that you are interested in. Ask professors in classes that you enjoy what kind of research they conduct and if there are opportunities for you to gain research experience.

An excellent source of ideas is a list of projects under the Dean's Research Awards program. Search the list to see if you find anything you're interested in exploring.

Many professors offer paid research opportunities for both traditional and co-op stream engineering undergraduates which may be advertised using the Faculty of Engineering's internal job posting system.

For a full list of current student opportunities, visit campusBRIDGE.

Finally, browse the U of A's Undergraduate Research Initiative website for ideas on research projects across campus.

For Professors looking for a student:

Whether you are looking for a co-op or traditional engineering undergraduate student, posting a job in the Faculty of Engineering's internal job posting system will give you access to the entire pool of eligible engineering students.

To post a new research opportunity, post a job here.

Traditional engineering students are available for four months of employment in the summer only, but coop students are available for four and eight month placements year round depending on the discipline.