After Graduation

During your first year of Engineering you learned about the diversity of the profession and the rewarding careers it offers. Since then, you've grown personally and academically. You've had amazing experiences and accumulated new knowledge. Your passion for learning has grown.

Graduate Studies Option

You may now choose to take your education to the next level by pursuing a graduate degree. The benefits of earning a master's or doctoral degree in Engineering are higher salaries, and greater professional responsibility and satisfaction as a result of greater knowledge.

If you are considering a graduate degree, discuss it with your professors and department advisors-you may discover opportunities you never imagined possible.

It Runs in the Family

Whatever you do after graduation, you are now part of a group of professionals who share the same memories and high-quality education. UAlberta Engineering alumni are always willing to provide advice, guidance and friendship.

Services such as the Engineering Career Connections Resource Vault and campusBRIDGE job board are available to you at any time.

Keeping in Touch

As a young alumnus, staying involved and in touch with the Faculty helps you as you enter the profession and keeps you informed about what's going on in the Faculty and across campus. Your continued involvement with our program means your expertise and experience can help enrich the opportunities our students receive. Your involvement in programs and events such as First-year nights, design projects, and as a partner in the Co-op Education Program-helps our students immeasurably.

As an alumnus, you will also be invited to Alumni receptions, Alumni Weekend, and the annual Open House.