"The pain is gone!"

Former judge is spending her retirement in comfort thanks to care from Glen Sather Clinic

Amanda Anderson - 21 January 2020

When Darlene Acton injured her left arm in 2016, participating in everyday activities became nearly impossible. She had difficulty dressing, using a computer, driving and lifting items—all of which impeded her ability to work.

That’s when she was referred to the University of Alberta’s Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic by her family physician.

Since then, Acton, a retired judge, has been visiting Sports Medicine Physician Marni Wesner regularly.

"Dr. Wesner fixed the problem with my left arm, but I have had other issues with significant arthritis in my right shoulder and my knees. She was able to provide me with a treatment plan that keeps all of these aches and pains under control."

Now, the retiree is able to exercise, travel and enjoy her hobbies without constant pain.

"Dr. Wesner never gave up. She kept working at the problem even though it did not seem to resolve for any length of time until she diagnosed what might be an unusual cause for the pain.  She told me she had never seen anything like it before, but proposed a potential resolution of the situation," explains Acton. "Much to my delight, she was able to correct the problem. The pain is gone!" 

Acton’s positive experience has prompted her to urge others who are experiencing the same issues to visit a Glen Sather Clinic physician or therapist.

"I am so thankful to have a physician like Dr. Wesner caring for me—a physician who never gives up on solving a problem. I think it is important for people to know that this clinic is available to them, even if they are not athletes."

For more information about services available at the Glen Sather Clinic, visit the website.