Performance Rehabilitation

Our performance rehabilitation services are aimed at injury prevention, rehabilitation and reaching performance goals. Some of the advanced rehabilitation services include strength and conditioning, plyometric training, agility, sport-specific drills, and exercises with a physiotherapist and/or kinesiologist. Additionally, we offer return-to-sport and injury prevention testing, where we conduct biomechanical and movement assessments to help identify risk factors for injury and readiness for returning to activity.

Our performance services are provided in a more traditional open gym setting at Foote Field with a wide selection of free weights, kettlebells, bumper plates and open space. This allows us to prioritize exercise prescription, home program design and program periodization to help our clientele reach their rehabilitation and performance goals.

Who is this for?

Our target demographic includes any active client who:
  • Has a sport performance or fitness goal
  • Requires program periodization (system of training used to prevent overtraining, improve strength gains and reduce the risk of injury)
  • Would like assistance starting a focused strength and conditioning program (i.e., those who may be less comfortable in a gym or weight lifting setting but are trying to start)
  • Wants to benefit from a strength and conditioning approach for injury prevention, injury rehabilitation or performance goals (i.e., people who demonstrate weaknesses or movement inefficiencies that may be at higher risk for injury)
  • Requires more in-depth instruction on different strengthening modalities or advanced strengthening (i.e., squats, deadlifts, Olympic weightlifting)
  • Wants little to no manual therapy or passive modalities. You will sweat!

How to refer

If you or one of your clients is interested in any of these performance rehabilitation services, please contact one of the participating therapists via email with 'Performance Rehabilitation' in the subject line:

Bradley Green, MScPT, BKin,
Ryan Williams, BScPT, FCAMPT, Diploma Sport PT,

Alternatively, you can call the clinic at 780-407-5160 and ask to speak with one of the therapists.