Resources for Varsity Athletes

The Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic has a longstanding relationship with Golden Bears & Pandas Athletics, specifically the varsity health programs. The varsity physiotherapist (PT) is based out of the Glen Sather Clinic and completes all clinical treatments there. The varsity athletic therapists (ATs) also utilize the clinic for a portion of their treatments. Varsity student trainers and other learners may also be present in the clinical environment.

Many of the Glen Sather Clinic's sport medicine physicians (SMPs) are also team physicians with the varsity sports teams. They participate in varsity injury management (VIM) Clinics, which include an SMP, varsity PT, varsity AT and student learners. This allows for multidisciplinary clinics that provide comprehensive care to the student-athletes. In addition to VIM clinics, our varsity team physicians may also be present at practices, games and other team events.

Varsity Health Website


Varsity Athletes looking to access services can contact the following persons:

Joan Matthews-White PhD, CAT (C)
Head Varsity Therapist
(P) 780-492-3466

TJ Mussbacher BPE, CAT (C)
Brennan Mahon BPE, CAT (C)
Varsity Therapists
(P) 780-492-0299

Alex Yaworski, MScPT, BPE, CAFCI,
Sport Physiotherapy Certificate

Varsity Physiotherapist
(P) 780-407-5174