Political Science

Political Science

Why study this program?

The Department of Political Science offers programs leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, and the Master of Arts in Policy Studies.

The following fields of study are offered in the master’s and doctoral programs: Canadian politics, comparative politics, gender and politics, international relations, and political philosophy/theory.

Entrance Requirements

The Department’s minimum admission requirements are an undergraduate degree with an average of 3.3 in the last two years of undergraduate work (or graduate work) at the University of Alberta, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

For all programs, an undergraduate degree in Political Science or close cognates such as International Relations or International Political Economy is strongly preferred. Applicants with other undergraduate majors should normally have at least equivalent to 30 units of graded credits of coursework in Political Science.

For the MA in Policy Studies, an undergraduate degree in Public Policy is also acceptable. For the MA in Policy Studies course-based route, relevant work experience in the policy community is required.

A TOEFL score of 100 (Internet-based) or an equivalent score on a test acceptable to GPS is required where applicable.

A statement of intent, a writing sample, and a CV are also required.

For more information on the University’s commitment to the recruitment, retention, and graduation of Indigenous students, see Indigenous Applicants .



Delivery Mode:
On Campus

Program Type:
Course Based, Thesis Based

Degree Level:
Master's, Doctoral

Program Requirements

Master’s Programs

Doctoral Programs


Graduate courses can be found in Course Listings , under the subject heading Political Science (POL S).

Tuition and Fees

A number of graduate assistantships are available for qualified students.

For general information, please visit the Tuition and Fees page on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research site.
Scholarships and Financial Support

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research administers over $29 million each year in scholarships, awards, and financial support for graduate students, as well as financial and loan advising. Additional scholarships are also available for specific faculties and programs.

Program-specific inquiries

Please refer to the detailed program information or email psgrad@ualberta.ca.

General inquiries

Please check out some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQS) to see if your question has been answered, or contact the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) during our office hours.

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