Graduate Policy + Guidelines

Learn more on this page, which is a resource for all aspects of graduate programs and graduate education for faculty, staff and students

These pages assemble all current sources of graduate policy and guidelines in one place, in order to provide a definitive resource for all aspects of graduate programs and graduate education for faculty, staff and students.

They refer to three resources: (1) the University Calendar; (2) GPS Policy Updates that have been approved since publication of the current calendar, and (3) the Graduate Program Manual, which has traditionally been a source of information on graduate program administration and procedure.

University Calendar

The University Calendar is the authoritative source of all Graduate policy at the University of Alberta. All academic regulations in the Calendar are binding and enforceable.

For all current GPS policy, refer to Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.

Graduate students should also refer to the regulations set forth in University Regulations, which apply to all students.

The Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies sets and upholds minimum requirements for graduate programs. Individual programs may set standards that are higher. For Departmental/Program regulations, refer to Graduate Programs.

GPS Policy Updates

The Calendar sets forth the policies and regulations of the University of Alberta on graduate education in effect at the time of publication.

The GPS Policy Updates page contains GPS new policy or policy revisions that have received GFC approval and will be published in the next calendar.

Graduate Program Manual

The Graduate Program Manual is a compilation of procedures and guidelines for the management and administration of graduate programs.

In instances where a policy is stated in the Calendar, a Calendar link has been installed in the Graduate Program Manual. If a regulation is stated in both the Graduate Program Manual and the Calendar, the Calendar should be considered the authoritative record.