Postdoctoral Fellows can explore teaching opportunities with their department/faculty/related units. Guest lectures can be arranged with faculty members. There are many teaching workshops, sessions, online materials, courses and conferences open to postdocs to gain pedagogical training.

The Postdoctoral Fellows Policy notes that with the prior agreement of the supervising faculty member(s), PDFs may undertake teaching responsibilities up to a maximum of one full course per term.

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

CTL provides teaching support to the entire University community and this can extend from one-on-one course redesign to large keynote presentations. Key events include:

Graduate Teaching and Learning Program (GTL)

Postdoctoral Fellows are encouraged to participate in this program. While not eligible to notation added to their transcripts, postdocs can receive a letter indicating completion of the different levels. If you have already completed similar training prior to your fellowship at the University of Alberta, please contact Deanna Davis to discuss an appropriate level of entry into the program.

The GTL Program also has a monthly Teaching Circle that meets to discuss teaching strategies and development, as well as the FGSR Teaching Circle Facebook Group.

Teaching Philosophies and Dossiers