Eight Hours of Professional Development Activities

The University of Alberta Professional Development Requirement has two components that must be submitted to your graduate coordinator or graduate chair prior to convocation:

  1. an individualized career plan document called an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and
  2. the completion of eight hours of professional development activities inspired by the career plan.

As you complete the Individual Development Plan (IDP) self-assessment of your skills and competencies in the IDP package, you should be able to identify your career or life goals. You are encouraged to find the professional development activities that align with your individual career interests and develop skills not included in your programs to fulfill the eight hour requirement.

The professional development activities, which should be approved by your department, must be completed within the first three years for most doctoral students and time of completion for master's students.  Please consult with your department regarding which tracking and completion forms are required.

What PD Activities Count 

Professional development activities can take place on or off campus, and may include training that graduate students participate in through their professional work/employment role.  A professional development activity fulfills the University of Alberta Professional Development Requirement if it contributes to the acquisition of skills, knowledge or mindset and includes all of these three components:

  • comprises of formal training and include active learning, with an assessment component (self-assessment, reflection, quiz, write-pair-share, evidence of knowledge application)
  • falls outside of research methods training, capstone project, thesis or equivalent, and required practicum
  • supports the career goals and/or seven skills/competencies identified in the individual development plan

As a pilot, graduate students who are members of University sanctioned committees/boards can apply to have 2 hours PD credit for training achieved through their work experience.  Students will need to identify learning outcomes and how they were achieved during their experience and submit their form for approval by the committee chair/supervisor.


You can demonstrate that you have attended sessions through a variety of ways. Departments will determine what they consider acceptable evidence. Options include:

  1. Attendance record in campusBRIDGE. Guide to campusBridge: Registration and Proof of Attendance
  2. Signed Declaration of Attendance. The presenter/host of the session/workshop also signs the form to verify attendance.
  3. Certificate of participation or completion 
  4. Departments may choose to develop and use a PD record book. Attendance can be verified by having session presenters sign the document. 

To help keep track of your professional development hours you may want to use a Record of Activities.