Tuition Framework for International Students Admitted in Fall 2020 and Beyond

If you are an international student admitted to a graduate program in Fall 2020 and beyond, your tuition will be calculated using a program-based model. This means that you will receive an annual and total program tuition guarantee in your formal letter of admission to the University. This guarantee will inform you of the total tuition cost of your program. (The guarantee does not refer to an award or to reimbursement of any tuition costs.)

This guarantee will offer stable and predictable tuition expenses over the term of your studies. It will help you to plan for the costs of your education, and of living and studying in a new country.

The terms of the guarantee will depend on the kind of program to which you are admitted. If there is a difference between the rates stated below and the rates in the guarantee received with your offer of admission, the offer of admission will take precedence.

How it Works

To learn more, select the appropriate program type:

For international students admitted to course-based master's degree programs
  • When you are admitted to a course-based master's degree program, you will be provided with a guaranteed total program fee in advance, based on the minimum course-weights required to complete your degree program (as stated in the current U of A calendar).
  • In general, payment of the tuition will be split over two years. You may be able to complete your program in less than two years; in this event, you will still be required to pay the total tuition indicated on your offer letter in order to be eligible for convocation.
  • If you need more time to complete required courses, you will be allowed to do so over a period of up to two additional years without incurring additional tuition costs (though other fees and expenses will apply).
  • If you require more than four years in total to complete your requirements, you will be charged for additional courses on a per-course basis at that year's current rate.
  • The tuition guarantee only applies to the standard course requirements necessary to complete your program. The guarantee does not include the costs for any additional coursework, including courses that may need to be repeated due to withdrawal or failing grades.
  • Some exceptions may apply.
For international students admitted to thesis-based master's and doctoral programs
  • When you are admitted to a thesis-based master's or doctoral program, you will be provided in your letter of admission with a guaranteed annual tuition rate based on full-time enrolment in every term.
  • This guarantee will apply to all requirements necessary to complete the thesis-based degree program except courses taken in the Spring and Summer terms. Course registrations in those terms (other than mandatory THES 906 enrolments) will be assessed additional tuition costs.
  • You will also be provided a maximum total covered by the guarantee corresponding with the normal maximum duration of your program.
  • You will be charged the annual rate each year in which you are enrolled in your program. Provided that you have met the minimum registration requirement, you need only pay for the number of years you need to meet your program requirements.
  • Some exceptions may apply.

Note that this tuition guarantee applies only to the courses required to complete your program. It does not include any mandatory non-instructional fees or other costs such as the U-Pass, textbooks, residence fees, student association fees, etc.

If you change programs at the University of Alberta, your original guarantee may no longer apply, and you may be provided with a new guarantee at the time of program change.

Tuition Guarantee Rates

Please follow these links for approved tuition guarantee rates for international students entering a graduate program at this University in the following cohorts:

All rates are in Canadian dollars. Guaranteed rates for Fall 2022 and beyond will be posted at a later date.