Tuition Guarantee Rates: Fall 2022 Cohort

Following are the approved tuition guarantee rates for international students entering a graduate program at this University in the Fall 2022 Cohort (Fall 2022, Winter 2023, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 terms).

For information about other types of programs, see this page. Please note that none of these lists is comprehensive. Rates for some programs, including some with non-standard fees, may not appear.

The terms of the guarantee will depend on the kind of program to which you are admitted. If there is a difference between the rates stated below and the rates in the guarantee received with your offer of admission, the offer of admission will take precedence.

All rates are in Canadian dollars. 

Incoming international students who choose to defer their admission from the Fall 2022 cohort to a new start date of Fall 2023 or beyond should be aware that they will change to a new cohort and receive a new guaranteed tuition rate.

Please note:

  • For critical information on how to read these and how the guarantee works, please see the tab "For international students admitted to course-based master's degree programs" on this page.
  • The length of the guarantee (that is, the maximum time students have to complete their program before incurring additional instructional fees) varies by program, please contact for assistance with this question.
  • The minimum instructional cost of a program is the figure provided in the "total guarantee" column. Note, however, that some programs, such as the Master of Science in Internetworking, include an additional non-refundable program fee that is not reflected in this figure. Please consult your offer of admission for more information.
  • The following are not covered under this guarantee:
    • Courses that need to be repeated due to withdrawal or failure
    • Other fees, including mandatory non-instructional fees
    • Cost of living
  • For information on the cost of additional courses not covered by the guarantee within the period of time covered by the guarantee, or on the cost of additional courses taken after the guarantee, please contact Note that the cost of additional courses taken after the guarantee expires will be assessed to the rates approved for that year.


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