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What do Human Ecology researchers study?

Explore our research areas to discover work related to the fields of Aging; Children, Youth & Families, Material Culture, and Textile and Apparel Science.

With a focus on enhancing people's everyday environments, your Human Ecology degree will help you to achieve a broad range of academic and career goals.

Undergraduate Programs

Within the BSc Human Ecology program, you can major in either Family Science or Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture. Or, you might consider the Fashion Business Management program, delivered in partnership with the Alberta School of Business.

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Graduate Programs

With options to pursue a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), or Canada's only PhD in Human Ecology, our department has a program for you. Find your research area here.

Human Ecology Practicum

The Human Ecology Practicum formally integrates a student's academic study with work experience in cooperating community organizations and agencies. Through the 200-hour field placement, students gain hands-on knowledge and skills under the guidance of a practicing professional.

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Human Ecology Practicum Program Field Supervisors receive 2021 UAlberta Advocate Award

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For the past 50 years, the Human Ecology Practicum Program’s field supervisors have created high-quality work-integrated experiences for U of A students across the province and country, and around the globe. This diverse group of professionals from the private, nonprofit and government sectors generously contribute their time, energy and creativity to enable U of A students to seamlessly transition from classrooms to professional settings.

UAlberta Advocate Award - Human Ecology Practicum Program Field Supervisors

(Dean Stan Blade's congratulations)

The Human Ecology Practicum Program Field Supervisors have received the 2021 UAlberta Advocate Award for connecting U of A students with surrounding communities to promote scholarship and work experience that benefits everyone involved.

Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection

Housing more than 23,000 artifacts that span over 350 years of history, the Collection is an integral part of teaching, learning, and research in the Department of Human Ecology. Find out how you can help preserve the Collection!

Human Ecology Graduate Profiles

Review our Graduate Student Profiles to learn more about our Human Ecology Graduate Students and their research foci.

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