Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

Human Ecology

Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology

Build a career in human ecology with this four-year degree program. As you progress through your program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Help individuals, families and communities reach their full potential.
  • Understand the social, political, economic and cultural context of family and community life.
  • Examine the creative, technical, historical, cultural, and applied aspects of clothing and textiles and interiors.
  • Focus on issues of fashion sustainability related to the production and consumption of textiles and clothing.
  • Participate in a 200-hour Practicum Placement, turning your classroom learning into real world experience.
  • Become a Professional Human Ecologist (P.HEc.) once you graduate.

BSc in Human Ecology Majors

Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture

This major examines the creative, technical, historical, social, and applied aspects of clothing and textiles, products and interiors. Study how textiles and clothing are designed, produced, sold, and used, and examine issues such as increasing sustainability in the global fashion and textile industry. 

Complete a 200-hour practicum to gain professional experience and put your knowledge to the test;

  • Become a Professional Human Ecologist (P.HEc)

Family Science

You will develop understanding and skills in areas of parent-child relationships and family relations, and other areas of family ecology.

As a Family Science student, you will:

  • Learn about family strengths and issues.
  • Develop understanding and skills in areas like family relations, community development, sexuality and aging.
  • Gain professional experience by completing a 200-hour practicum.
  • Become a Professional Human Ecologist (P.HEc) after graduation.

Careers in Human Ecology

| Family Support Worker | Child and Youth Program Coordinator | Policy Analyst | Seniors Support Worker | Community Developer | Fashion Marketer or Buyer | Retail Manager | Interior Decorator | Historic Sites or Theatre Costume Designer | Textile Quality Control Manager | Clothing Construction Instructor or Designer |