Certificate in Sustainability

Don't change majors. Change the world!

About the Certificate

The Certificate in Sustainability rewards your choice to study pressing social, economic and environmental issues. Study across disciplines and gain deep knowledge of issues such as climate change, food security, biodiversity, renewable energy and social inequality.

Add value without overloading. The certificate is ideal if you want to focus on sustainability, but don't want to change programs. As an embedded certificate, you can count courses you're already taking for a major or minor.

Get more from experiential learning. If you're taking a study abroad, field work, internship or community service-learning, the certificate's integrative project is a chance to step back and critically reflect on your learning experience.

Develop solutions that matter. The certificate will give you a welcome edge when hitting the job market. Past graduates have made real contributions to their fields and gone on to careers in places like the Pembina Institute and the Government of Alberta.


There is no cost to apply or complete the certificate. As an embedded certificate, you can earn the designation while completing an undergraduate program in one of eleven different faculties-no need to switch programs. Eligible faculties include:

  • ALES
  • Arts
  • Augustana
  • Business
  • Campus Saint-Jean
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Extension
  • Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
  • Native Studies
  • Science

Engineering students can earn the certificate by counting program electives, complementary studies electives, and impact of technology on society courses. Please consult the engineering students guide to learn which courses are eligible in each program.


To earn the certificate, you must complete 12 credits of coursework:

At least 3 credits must be from outside your home faculty.

You must also complete and present an integrative capstone project. This is non-credit work completed outside of the classroom. It can take the form of a reflection paper, a research poster, or even creative forms like a video or podcast.

For full details, please read the Certificate Requirements document.

How to Enroll

After reviewing the requirements, as well as the core and elective course lists, you're ready to enroll!

Enroll now

You can enroll in any year of your degree, as long as you can complete all certificate requirements by the deadline to graduate. While some exceptions are possible, most students should enroll before their final semester.