Sustainability Volunteers

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Make a difference and enrich your learning.

Volunteer with the Sustainability Council. Join an exciting and experienced community that has been at the heart of campus life for over a decade. Together, we will engage the university community on issues like climate change, food security, biodiversity and our energy future. It's a great opportunity to contribute while learning valuable skills and gaining knowledge in sustainability.

Volunteering pays back

  • Access professional development training
  • Get discounted registration for events like the Student Sustainability Summit
  • Meet faculty, staff and interns doing innovative on-campus research
  • Expand your network and make lasting friendships

Diverse project teams

The Sustainability Council is looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills and interests. For 2020–21, our volunteer initiatives are being delivered online. Volunteers can participate in the following teams.

Campus Saint-Jean
Campus Saint-Jean volunteers work on sustainability initiatives at our French-speaking campus.
Recycling Street Team
Recycling Street Team volunteers champion waste reduction and develop educational campaigns on proper waste disposable on campus.
Student Sustainability Summit
Student Sustainability Summit volunteers acquire practical event planning skills that encompass the promotional and programming aspects of the summit.
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals volunteers advance various SDG-specific initiatives at the university.
The following teams are in development. Please stay tuned to find out when they will launch.
Campus as a Living Lab
Campus as a Living Lab volunteers will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Sustainability Council and Facilities and Operations staff to respond to a particular area of need under the Campus as a Living Lab umbrella.
Additionally, the Sustainability Council has many projects that pop up throughout the year. In the past, volunteers have contributed to programming at Open House, workshops with the English Language School and Human Resources' Learning and Development, and for Earth Hour. By signing up as a volunteer, even without joining a team, you will have the opportunity to take part in these one-off projects as they arise.

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Once signed up, we will add you to our pool of interested volunteers. You will receive notifications about upcoming project-based volunteer opportunities or team-based activities. If you are interested in a particular opportunity, you would then work with a team (small or big) to complete the programming/project.

More about Community Hours and PD

Thanks to a partnership with Sustain SU, our volunteers have the opportunity to participate in community-building and knowledge-building activities.

Community Hours

Community Hours are an opportunity for volunteers from Sustain SU and the Sustainability Council to interact and get to know each other. Junior volunteers from each unit are assigned to a particular community hour that will take place every two weeks. Community hours are run by Senior or experienced volunteers from the SC and Sustain SU. The Senior volunteer is responsible for preparing activities such as watching a sustainability-related documentary, having a discussion or debate about sustainability, or any fun activity. All you have to do is show up, participate, and have fun! This programming expands our volunteers' networks to meet students outside their assigned team or volunteer program. It also creates a sense of camaraderie and memorable moments.

Professional Development Sessions

Professional Development (PD) sessions are organized to provide Sustain SU and Sustainability Council volunteers training in various fields of knowledge throughout the semester. These sessions are delivered by various professionals within their areas of expertise; the goal is to educate and train volunteers on skills that they can use in their personal and professional lives. Some session topics include, but are not limited to: conflict management, sustainability event planning, project management, consent, burnout and self-care, introduction to listening, etc.


For general inquiries about volunteering with the Sustainability Council you can email us at