Sustainability Volunteers

Make a difference, and make friends too.

Volunteer with the Sustainability Council. Join an exciting and experienced team that has been at the heart of campus life for almost ten years. Together, we will engage the university community on issues like climate change, food security, biodiversity and our energy future. It's a great opportunity to contribute to your community, while learning valuable skills and gaining knowledge in sustainability.

Volunteering pays back

  • Gain unique access to professional development training
  • Get discounted registration for events like the Student Sustainability Summit
  • Meet faculty, staff and interns doing innovative on-campus research
  • Expand your network and make lasting friendships

Diverse project teams

The Sustainability Council is looking for volunteers with a wide range of skills and interests. In 2019-20 the following four teams were active.

Campus Saint-Jean
Campus Saint-Jean volunteers work on sustainability initiatives at our french-speaking campus.
Recycling Street Team
Recycling Street Team volunteers champion waste reduction and develop educational campaigns on proper waste disposable on campus.
Outreach & Events
Outreach & Events volunteers promote and host events such as the Student Sustainability Summit and Sustainability Awareness Week.
Public Education
Public Education volunteers meet to discuss sustainability related issues and turn their conversations into videos to share on social media.