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Build on your education with lectures, workshops and conference that take you way beyond the classroom. Join a vibrant community of students, staff and faculty with a shared interest in learning and making a difference.

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Lecture Series

The Sustainability Council presents an ongoing lecture series exploring local expertise and global innovation across all fields of sustainability. Meet scholars from the University of Alberta and beyond in fields ranging from engineering to ecology, public health to poetry, native studies to nanotechnology.

Our speakers share new perspectives, and explore the diversity of issues encompassed by sustainability. Please join us and help expand the campus dialogue on sustainability issues including: climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy, inequality and food security.

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Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards

The Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards (CSLA) recognize outstanding individuals for their efforts to build a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world. These winners are leading the way in how the University of Alberta operates, the services we provide, the way we teach, and strengthening the fabric of campus life. 

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Upcoming Events

Add your University of Alberta events related to climate change, renewable energy, food security, inequality, conservation and other sustainability issues. Email sustainability@ualberta.ca with a link to your event registration page.