Campus as a Living Lab

The University of Alberta has a huge geography, with nearly 500 buildings, 40,000 students, and five campuses encompassing farmland, hospitals, heritage sites, forests, arenas, state-of-the-art labs, and more. This is a community that offers a wealth of opportunity for studying real world challenges and implementing cutting-edge solutions.

Campus as a Living Lab research projects use the university’s campus as a testing ground for sustainability solutions. See how these projects connect the classroom to the real world, enabling students to find the solutions and generate the data that we need to build a better world—the work that University of Alberta academics are doing every day.

Associated Programs

Campus as a Living Lab relies on partnerships with many University of Alberta programs to advance opportunities for students.

Sustainability Scholars

Sustainability Scholars connects graduate students with Edmonton-region organizations to conduct applied sustainability research, including several projects on campus.

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Campus Sustainability Grants

Campus Sustainability Grants fund collaborations between Facilities & Operations, faculty and students up to $50,000.

Funded Projects

Certificate in Sustainability

For their integrative capstone projects, many Certificate in Sustainability students tackle an issue relevant to a sustainable life on campus.

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