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Sustainability Studies at the U of A

If you have a passion for food security, active transportation, social justice, there's no reason to leave that outside of the classroom. The University of Alberta has hundreds of sustainability-related classes to choose from. And if you want to take your studies to the next level, the Certificate in Sustainability will reward your focus on sustainability.


Get a foundation in sustainability studies by taking SUST 201: Introduction to Sustainability and SUST 202: Global Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The Certificate in Sustainability rewards your choice to focus on human and environmental issues that are increasingly important in today’s world. Study across disciplines to understand issues such as: climate change, food security, renewable energy, biodiversity and social inequality. Free and open to undergraduates in ten faculties.

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Find a course exploring a dimension of sustainability, including food security, climate change, renewable energy, social inequality, and more. There are hundreds of courses to choose from!

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