Affiliate Network

The Sustainability Council promotes and enables sustainability scholarship through events, experiential learning, leadership and academic programs. To get involved with the council and to stay up-to-date on our many programs, please join the Sustainability Affiliate Network.

We started the affiliate network to help support and animate the university's interdisciplinary community of academics who are integrating sustainability into their teaching and/or research. Affiliates range across all disciplines and career stages, and include faculty members and instructors, as well as other academic staff such as technicians and librarians. Our members take part in a vibrant community conversation and are a vital part of the Sustainability Council's success.

How the network works

Keep in touch: Affiliates receive a newsletter including upcoming opportunities for funding, collaboration and opportunities to be involved with Sustainability Council programs. The newsletter shares resources for integrating sustainability into teaching and research as they are released.

Network: Our programming provides space for academic staff to interact, especially with colleagues from other disciplines. Regularly scheduled meetups and the Sustainability Council's lecture series are designed to stimulate discussion and facilitate new avenues for collaboration.

Inform: Affiliates can inform the direction of sustainability teaching and research at the University of Alberta by providing input to the Sustainability Council. We also circulate opportunities for affiliates to provide their professional expertise to public consultations and roundtables.

Publicity: The Sustainability Council is raising the profile of sustainability research, and affiliates will have the opportunity to be featured in articles, videos and social media with an audience across the university. Our venues are also available to share the latest publications, news appearances, and opinion-editorials from University of Alberta experts.