SDG Week


The Sustainability Council is looking for partners to help host events during the U of A’s first Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) week, March 4-8, 2024. If you are a student group, club, or any other organization on campus that is committed to raising awareness and advancing the SDGs and want to get involved, we would love to hear from you!

What is SDG Week?
SDG Week Canada started in March 2023, led by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada at the University of Waterloo, the Sustainability Hub at UBC, and Colleges and Institutes Canada. Campuses across the country are leading programming and communications to raise awareness about the UN SDGs, spark conversations about opportunities for collaboration within and across campus borders, and accelerate progress on the SDGs in post-secondary institutions.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for partners to plan an interdisciplinary and interactive event related to the SDGs. Ideally, events are action-oriented, where students can bring the SDG knowledge they learned during I-Week to action. Maybe you want to host a repair hub or soap making workshop, or perhaps you already plan river valley biodiversity walks and would love to share your expertise. No matter if your group works in STEM or the arts, if you are committed to advancing the SDGs we want to hear from you. Event proposals will be due December 11th at noon and finalized with input from Sustainability Council staff by early January.
Sample Events from other Universities in 2023

The list below shows examples of events we would like to include this year. If your group thinks they can plan an event like one of these, we want to hear your unique ideas. 

  • Clothing Repair Cafe / General Repair Hub
  • Sustainable Healthy Meals, Cooking Class
  • Workshop: The UN's SDGs and You: What You Can Do in Your Co-op/Work Experiences 
  • Hackathon: SDG Impact Challenge 2023
  • Climate Café
  • Citizen Science Nature Walk: Exploring the Intertidal Zone