Adaptation Resilience Training

The Adaptation Resilience Training program is helping Alberta prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. The program places current students and recent graduates with organizations around Alberta to work on initiatives relevant to climate change adaptation across various sectors. To see the breadth of areas our hosts and project assistants (or PAs) impact, check out the completed internships section.

Application periods

Please note that we are awaiting a funding decision which may impact our ability to run ART in 2024-2025. If you are a potential host, or interested in participating as a PA, please email and we will contact you at the appropriate time. 

We generally start recruiting hosts in the early spring (April-May) and start recruiting PAs during the summer (June-July).

Program details

The ART program is coordinated by the Sustainability Council and fully funded by our project partners with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA). Hosts apply via a proposal for a project impacting Alberta’s adaptation to climate change. If successful, they will receive a PA for 8 months to work on this project. Costs of the PA’s wages are fully covered by the ART program. PAs work with our hosts, but are employed by the University of Alberta Sustainability Council. 

Project Assistant Spotlight

Wakâ Mne, a title in the Stoney language signifying "God's Lake" and often referred to as Lac Ste. Anne, is a lake experiencing significant environmental pressure from large-scale farming, surface mining, and climate change. Jenna Carter, a former Project Assistant for the ART program, is now managing the scientific investigation that seeks to understand the challenges the lake is facing. Check out the video below to learn more:

Linked video titled "Keeping 'Creator's Lake' Climate Resilient"

The Adaptation Resilience Training is supported by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.


The program is administered by the University of Alberta's Sustainability Council.

The 2023-24 ART cohort will be the fourth cohort of the ART internship program. To view the final reports and presentations from previous ART cohorts, please visit:

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