Our People

The Sustainability Council's members are academics from across the University of Alberta's three colleges and five campuses, representing our interdisciplinary approach to sustainability.

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Member Areas of expertise
Dr. Robert Summers

Robert Summers

Academic Director

Academic director and office leadership.

Expert on UN Sustainable Development Goals, community planning and development, environmental policy. Full profile.

rhonda-b-he-2021-photo-2160176d2dc32e8206628a97e8b590cc.png Rhonda Breitkreuz

Expert in social policy affecting families, child care policy, work-family integration and marginalized employment. Full profile.

ken-caine.jpg Ken Caine Expert in environmental sociology, rural sociology, extension forestry, Indigenous forest stewardship issues, natural resource management in the North. Full profile.
photo_large_61268c09f0252_235.jpg Anita Dey Nuttall  Expert in polar science, science policy, history of polar research programs, geopolitics and security in the North. Full profile.

Howie Harshaw

Associate director for the Certificate in Sustainability.

Expert in public policy on outdoor recreation, waterfowl management, human dimensions of natural resources. Full profile.

guillermo-hernandez-ramirez-270.jpg Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez Expert in land reclamation, carbon and nitrogen cycling in agroecosystems, climate change adaptation, greenhouse gas mitigation, ecosystem services. Full profile.

Greg King

Expert in environmental science, paleoecology, forest disturbance ecology, urban forests, environmental studies. Full profile.

lianne-lefsrud-photo.png Lianne Lefsrud Expert in engineering safety and risk management, hazard identification, social license to operate, technological drivers in oil and gas development, organization theory. Full profile.
candace_nykiforuk.jpg Candace Nykiforuk Expert in health equity, population health intervention, health geography, health promotion, community-engaged research. Full profile.

Contact Us

Name Title Phone Email
Robert Summers Academic Director 780-492-7162 robert.summers@ualberta.ca
Maja Osmanagić Operations Director 780-248-1916 maja.osmanagic@ualberta.ca
Jasmine Farahbakhsh Project Planner - Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Engagement 780-248-1959 jasmine.farahbakhsh@ualberta.ca
Justis Allard-Hagan Project Planner - Internships and Experiential Learning (IEL) -- justis@ualberta.ca
Apryl Bergstrom Academic Sustainability Coordinator 780-492-6876 apryl@ualberta.ca
Hussain Al-Rikabi Marketing and Communications Liaison  -- habbas@ualberta.ca
Riley Tjosvold Content Writer  -- rtjosvol@ualberta.ca
Elyse Fortier Project and Administrative Assistant 780-492-9289 emfortie@ualberta.ca

Working Groups and Committees

Sustainable Food Working Group

This team is composed of students, academic staff, support staff and food vendors. Together, they explore ways to create a resilient food system at the University of Alberta. The working group has sponsored undergraduate research projects in the past, as well as sponsoring projects through Community Service-Learning.

Examples of projects

  • food donation program development
  • healthy food campus survey
  • organize a panel discussion

Sustainability Council Representative: Maja Osmanagić (maja.osmanagic@ualberta.ca).

Green Labs Leaders Network

The Green Labs Leaders Network connects lab users who are interested in leading by example and educating the research community about safe and sustainable lab practices. The network provides input into the university's green labs initiatives, develops best practices for greening labs in our local context, and educates other lab users about safe and sustainable lab practices. The network meets quarterly and online. 

Sustainability Council Representative: TBD.

Waste Diversion Working Group

The University of Alberta Waste Diversion Working Group is focused on the university’s commitment to divert 90 per cent of waste from landfill and continue to reduce waste per campus user. The working group brings together stakeholders from across the university to collaborate, provide strategic guidance for the activities of these stakeholder groups, and help to develop a comprehensive waste diversion strategy for the university.

The working group's activities incldue: conducting needs assessments, establishing targets for the Zero Waste program, educating the university community, and integrating waste diversion into academia. The working group meets quarterly and online.

Sustainability Council Representative: Jasmine Farahbakhsh (jasmine.farahbakhsh@ualberta.ca).

Energy Transition Leadership Network

The Energy Transition Leadership Network is a group of more than 100 leaders who work in commercial, industrial, non-profit, educational and institutional sectors. They represent organizations who are passionate about the City of Edmonton's energy transition strategy, with members working together to turn ideas into action.

The group meets every four months, with several presentations on various energy related topics and group discussions. Members generate new, innovative solutions and are beginning to move these ideas into action with the goal of influencing hundreds of thousands of Edmontonians.

Meetings also provide an opportunity to strengthen the network of energy transition leaders and help members identify new partners or collaborators to advance their initiatives.

Sustainability Council Representative: Jasmine Farahbakhsh (jasmine.farahbakhsh@ualberta.ca).


The Sustainability Council runs an internship program that allows students to gain valuable work experience in sustainability. Student Interns typically work with the SC from August to April of each academic year. Please consult the UAlberta Career page for position postings.