Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards. Nominations due March 7, 2021.

Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards

The Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards recognize outstanding individuals for their efforts to build a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world. These winners are leading the way in how the University of Alberta operates, the services we provide, the way we teach, and strengthening the fabric of campus life and community.

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Do you know someone on campus that deserves this highest recognition for their dedication to sustainability? We’re looking to reward the diverse ways that people are generating change in how our university operates, the way we teach, the discoveries we make, and the fabric of campus life and community.

All University of Alberta students, academic staff and support staff (including student union and contracted workers) are eligible for this award, either as individuals or groups. Self-nominations are also encouraged.

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Nominations are due by Sunday, Mar. 7, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.


Honourees are selected by an impartial jury based on an assessment of their dedication, impact and leadership. This could include contributions across one or more of the following domains.

Research: significant scholarly contributions that integrate environmental, social and/or economic dimensions.

Teaching: passion and innovation in bringing sustainability into the classroom, both as a topic and as a practice.

Community: engagement and personal contributions to injecting sustainability into campus life and extracurriculars.

Operations: advancing the sustainability of the university's operations and facilities.


The jury will strive to recognize at least one person in each of the following categories:

  • Academic staff and faculty
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Undergraduates
  • Operations and support staff

All current University of Alberta students and staff are eligible (including faculty, adjuncts, postdocs, sessionals, student union staff, and contracted workers). Nominees may be individuals or groups.

Substance of Nomination

To submit a nomination, please prepare 500–1,000 words that address the nominee's strengths in the following.

Dedication: Tell us about the nominee's history of engagement with sustainability. Share some of the specific ways they have shown their dedication while at the University of Alberta.

Impact: How has the nominee had a positive impact? Try to include examples and measure the benefit of their actions. It may strengthen your answer to make connections with the University of Alberta's For The Public Good or the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Leadership: How has the nominee positively impacted their community of peers (e.g. other students, colleagues, co-workers, campus community)? Describe how their leadership qualities have shone through.

Winners’ Spotlight

Meet some of the individuals who previously won a Campus Sustainability Leaders Award, whose exceptional accomplishments are the foundation for the University of Alberta's gold reputation in sustainability.

Sourayan Mookerjea

University of Alberta sociologist Sourayan Mookerjea shares his approach to research-creation and what he learned about sustainability from a recent project.

Laurie Adkin

Find out what inspired University of Alberta political scientist Laurie Adkin to start her groundbreaking research into popular movements and environmentalism.

Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma helped form the group Diversity in Engineering. As part of their advocacy work, she took on a research project that is fundamentally changing the Faculty of Engineering.