The Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards recognize outstanding individuals and groups for their efforts to build a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world. These winners are leading the way in how the University of Alberta operates, the services we provide, the way we teach, and strengthening the fabric of campus life. 

Nominations are now open for the 2023 Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards! If you, or someone you know, is furthering sustainability by contributing to any of the SDGs, nominate them to win a Campus Sustainability Leaders Award. Submit your nomination by January 31, 2023.

Nominating someone has never been easier!  Here are the steps:

  1. Review the fields to complete in the Google Form (listed here for your convenience):
    1. Nominator’s information
    2. Nominee’s information
    3. Sustainability impact of the nominee, in terms of how they have contributed to any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the University of Alberta campus community.  (FYI, 3000 characters will be somewhere between 428 words and 750 words.)
  2. Draft your nomination description! 
  3. Fill out the Google Form, and submit!

This is the second year that we are presenting one of the university’s outstanding students with the Michael Rawson Clark award, in commemoration of the late sustainability champion. New this year, the award winner will receive $500! Learn more about Michael’s contributions to campus sustainability here.

2022 Awards Winners

Greg King - environmental science professor at UAlberta Augustana Campus.

Emilly Williams - second year education student and co-host of Becoming Less, a podcast by Waste Free Edmonton that is focused on sustainability.

Debbie Preston - the BioSci storeroom administrator at UAlberta North Campus.

Priscilla Ojomu - third year psychology student and a member of the ACGC’s Global Connect Program.

Winners’ Spotlight

Meet some of the individuals who previously won a Campus Sustainability Leaders Award, whose exceptional accomplishments are the foundation for the University of Alberta's gold reputation in sustainability.

Neelakshi Joshi

Postdoctoral fellow Neelakshi Joshi shares her roots in green architecture and how she is helping Edmonton's community leagues become climate resilient.

Sourayan Mookerjea

University of Alberta sociologist Sourayan Mookerjea shares his approach to research-creation and what he learned about sustainability from a recent project.

Laurie Adkin

Find out what inspired University of Alberta political scientist Laurie Adkin to start her groundbreaking research into popular movements and environmentalism.

Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma helped form the group Diversity in Engineering. As part of their advocacy work, she took on a research project that is fundamentally changing the Faculty of Engineering.