Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards

The Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards recognize outstanding individuals for their efforts to build a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable world. These winners are leading the way in how our university operates, the services we provide, the way we teach, and strengthening the fabric of campus life and community.

Honourees are selected by an impartial jury based on an assessment of their dedication, impact and leadership. All University of Alberta students, academic staff (including adjuncts, postdocs and sessionals) and support staff (including students unions, dining services and contracted workers) are eligible. Individuals and groups may be nominated.

Award categories

All nominees will be considered on their merits. In determining the finalists, the awards committee will strive to ensure that all of the following areas are represented in one or more winners.

  • Campus Life & Involvement: For extraordinary personal engagement with sustainability issues in campus life and extracurriculars.
  • Teaching: For passion and innovation in bringing sustainability into the classroom, both as a topic and as a practice.
  • Research: For significant scholarly contributions that integrate environmental with social and/or economic dimensions.
  • Operations: For advancing the sustainability of the university's operations and facilities.

Nominations are open!

Nominate any student, faculty, academic staff or support staff for an award. Groups, such as student clubs or staffing units are eligible. Green Spaces certified spaces are also eligible (including vendors, labs and events).

Make a nomination

Deadline: Sunday, March 8 at 11:59 p.m.

How to prepare a nomination

The heart of the application consists of three questions. Please take some time to draft 300 word answers to the following before starting the application.

Dedication: Tell us about the nominee's history of engagement with sustainability. Share some of the specific ways they have shown their dedication while at the University of Alberta.

Impact: How has the nominee had a positive impact? Try to include examples and measure the benefit of their actions. It may be strengthen your answer to make connections with the University of Alberta's For The Public Good or the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals.

Leadership: How has the nominee positively impacted their community of peers (e.g. other students, colleagues, co-workers, campus community)? Describe how their leadership qualities have shone though.