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Meet some of the professors, lab technicians and other academic staff dedicated to sustainability in their research and teaching.

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Recent Stories

Hunting can help conserve waterfowl

Investments in wildlife and habitat protection are tied to a sport in decline

A philosopher talks plant-based diets

“Being able to make more sustainable choices with one’s diet is one of the most direct ways to impact one’s environmental footprint.”

Unlearning colonialism to overcome the climate crisis

As a descendent of the Papaschase Cree and professor in education, Dwayne Donald is dedicated to sharing and integrating Indigenous knowledge into the public school curriculum. In this interview, he shares his work’s connections to sustainability.

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Getting citizens involved is key to protecting biodiversity

“If we take for granted the things that our environment does for us — cleaner air, cleaner water, better soil for growing things — those are the things that we’re going to have to spend money on to reproduce.”

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Sustained Conversations


Short videos highlighting University of Alberta faculty perspectives on sustainability from across all disciplines.

Older Stories

Seeking representation for women in Canadian agricultural leadership

For Jennifer Braun, it started with a question: “Why do women have such a close connection with food in everyday life, but such poor representation when it comes to large-scale decision-making power?”

Building a more sustainable wardrobe

On the resurgence of capsule wardrobes — and how you can start building your own.

James Balog: Seeing intensely

Hunting for photos and bearing witness in the Anthropocene, with honourary degree recipient and legendary photographer James Balog.

KIAS shrinks carbon footprints “Around The World”

Kule Institute for Advanced Study is pushing the limits of videoconferencing with their unique, environmentally-friendly conference Around The World.

A little machine makes a big difference at UAlberta

A solvent recycler has been installed in the undergraduate organic chemistry labs, where it will clean 7,200 litres of acetone each year, reducing waste and saving up to $16,000.

Labs they are a-changin’

Chemistry is often maligned as a “dirty” discipline or one that simply cannot be sustainable. But the West Group demonstrates how innovations both large and small can all contribute to a “cleaner” way of chemistry.

Greener labs are the way of the future

Jason Dyck’s heart research lab in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Department of Pediatrics has stepped up to answer the call for more sustainable scientific inquiry in a big way.

Protecting forests under fire

Victor Lieffers is professor at the University of Alberta who is focused on the dangers of climate change on forests. In his mind, the forestry industry is not to blame for deforestation in Canada. The issue, instead is climate change.

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