Students Enrolled After July 2022

How to successfully complete the certificate

If you enrolled in the certificate after July 1, 2022, you will find detailed information below for how to complete each step on the road toward successfully completing your certificate.

Certificate in Sustainability courses can be completed at any time during your degree, including your final semester. To earn the certificate, you must complete ★12 credits of coursework:

There are some additional criteria, such as limits on transfer credits and overlap with other certificates, which are outlined in the Certificate requirements document.

Please note that students who enroll in the certificate after July 1, 2022 are not required to take ★3 outside of their primary faculties.

Course exceptions

If you are unsure about whether a course can or cannot count toward the certificate, don't hesitate to get in touch. Exceptions may be possible with the consultation of an advisor (such as a special topics course or new course that may meet the criteria to be an approved course).

Augustana students

Augustana students will use the same approved course lists as the other students (see course links above).

Campus Saint-Jean students

A number of French courses from Campus Saint-Jean are also approved for the Certificate in Sustainability. Please consult the course lists above for details.

Engineering students

Engineering students can take approved certificate courses by carefully selecting their program electives, complementary studies electives (CSE), and impact of technology on society (ITS) courses. Please consult the engineering course list to learn which courses are eligible for the certificate.

Students completing this certificate must attend 12 hours of outside-the-classroom sustainability lectures. Through attendance at sustainability-related lectures offered at the Sustainability Council, the University of Alberta, and beyond, you will have the opportunity to learn from a variety of academic and non-academic perspectives that will both broaden and deepen your understanding of important sustainability issues.

Click on the links below for lists of approved sustainability lectures:

Use the forms below to track the sustainability lectures you attended:

The integrative project is the capstone on your Certificate in Sustainability experience. Our graduates attest that this is one of the most rewarding parts of the certificate.

You can begin work on your integrative project at any time during your degree. We recommend that you start the process before your last semester, although it is possible to finish everything in one semester with careful attention to detail.

Steps to complete an integrative project
  1. Review the integrative project requirements.
  2. Request a meeting with an advisor
  3. Complete the project proposal form
  4. Submit the project proposal to your advisor for authorization to proceed. The deadlines to submit your project proposal are as follows: 
    • Spring convocation: no later than the end of January in your final year
    • Fall convocation: no later than the end of June in your final year
  5. Complete your project
  6. Present your project at an approved venue (see Presentation tab)
  7. Submit the project completion form

Note: SUST 410 - Directed Study in Sustainability can satisfy the integrative project/presentation requirement for the certificate. For details and to register in SUST 410, please email Apryl at

Preparing to meet an advisor

Prior to meeting with your advisor, please review the project proposal form to become familiar with what the project will entail. You are encouraged to brainstorm ideas for your project in advance, but don't worry if you are not completely clear about what you want to do before your advisor meeting. Your advisor will discuss your idea with you and go over the proposal requirements. It often takes more than one meeting to work out all project details.

Important note: Your advisor will need to approve your proposal before you start working on your project.

Download Proposal Form

To complete the certificate, you must present your integrative project in public. This can be in person though a poster presentation, seminar or workshop. You may also post a podcast or video, put on an exhibition, choreograph a performance, etc. Note that your project presentation must be approved by your advisor.

Once you have chosen your presentation venue, please email apryl@ualberta to indicate your presentation plans.

Affiliated presentation venues

The affiliated presentation venues below are approved for the Certificate in Sustainability. To present at one of these venues, please seek the approval of your certificate advisor and then contact the event organizers listed below.

Upcoming University Events and Opportunities for Student Presentations

Foundations Summit for Sustainability & Leadership

Oct. 21, 2023

Poster presentation opportunity.

Agri-Food Innovation Student Pitch Competition

Nov. 22, 2023

Undergraduate students in any faculty can participate.

Bentley Lecture

Feb. 13, 2024

Poster presentation opportunity. The topic should link to sustainability in food or agriculture. Click here to register by Feb. 7, 2024.

Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Mar. 12-14, 2024

To present at FURCA, please submit an abstract to the Undergraduate Research Initiative by Jan. 24, 2024. See the FURCA website for details.

Student Academic Conference

Dec. 7, 2023

April 18, 2024

Augustana Campus hosts this event at the end of the fall and winter terms. For details, email
Campus Sustainability Leaders Awards

April 4, 2024

Email for more details.
Independent presentation venues

You may choose an independent presentation venue in consultation with your advisor. For instance, you could present at a conference in your field or give a presentation to a community group that you volunteer with.

To give an independent presentation, please email apryl@ualberta to indicate your plans and bring the confirmation of presentation form for the event organizer to complete. After the event, the last step is to complete the project completion form and upload the confirmation form (see "Completion" tab for details).

Social media presentations

The Sustainability Council's social media platforms can host online presentations, including videos, podcasts or Instagram presentations). For additional details, please see Instagram instructions or video or podcast instructions. To sign up to do a social media presentation, please email

To complete the integrative project, please fill out project completion form and submit a digital copy of your project. In the form, you will indicate the type of presentation you gave:

  1. presented at an affiliated event
  2. presented at an independent event
  3. engaged the public through a podcast, video or other publication
  4. other

We will ask you to upload a digital copy of your project for verification. If you presented at an independent event, please upload the confirmation of presentation form.

If you wish, you can choose to add your project to the online library of integrative projects, which may provide inspiration to future students.