Department of Human Ecology


Human Ecology faculty, collaborating with global scholars, focus on research on the care and support of older adults and adults with chronic illness or disability, costs incurred by family/friend caregivers, contributions and social inclusion of older adults, and age-friendly rural communities. The research mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of older adults and their families by bridging research, policies, and practice.

For more information about on-going research projects and recent publications, please visit the following links to individual faculty members.

Janet Fast

Job/Research Area: Economics of aging and family/friend care; Family economic issues; Public policy (health and continuing care, labour, income security)

Joohong Min

Dr. Min’s areas of research are Aging and Family. Her research interests include family transmission processes of values, behaviours, and health outcomes over the life course and informal/formal social engagement on well-being among older adults with possible implications for care