Department of Human Ecology

Textile and Apparel Science

Innovative research is pursued by the Human Ecology Department’s textile science and apparel design faculty to enhance human comfort and protection through clothing and textile solutions for items ranging from protective gear, uniforms, and sportswear to clothing for disabled persons. This research reflects the critical function textiles and apparel have as our nearest physical environment. Researchers in the department have distinguished themselves in the fields of fiber science with a focus on areas such as material response under various thermal hazards, combustion of textile materials, odour transfer, standards development and functional apparel design. 

Jane Batcheller, FSO

Research Area: Textile Science and Textile Archaeology

Patricia Dolez, Assistant Professor

Dr. Dolez's research focuses on nanotechnologies as applied to textiles, and includes testing of smart textiles, natural fibres, and recycled materials in occupational safety and health and personal protective equipment contexts.

Rachel McQueen, Associate Professor

Rachel McQueen’s primary research focus relates to the development and retention of odour in textiles. This involves the development of methods to examine the growth of skin microflora within textiles, interaction of odorous molecules with textile fibres and sensory detection of body odour emanating from fabrics

David Torvi, Adjunct Professor

Prof. Torvi and his students conduct numerical and experimental research aimed at improving the knowledge of heat transfer in materials under high heat flux conditions. His research has been funded by NSERC, CFI and the Canadian Space Agency.