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Intersections of Gender Affiliate Program Overview

As a Signature Area of research and teaching excellence, Intersections of Gender (IG) recognizes the existing extensive intersectional gender expertise of the University of Alberta community. To fulfill our priorities of further nurturing intersectional gender research, we created the IG Affiliate Program so as to allow faculty members (continuing as well as Academic Teaching Staff), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to become formally affiliated with IG.  

The primary goals of the IG Affiliate Program are to:

  • promote existing areas of intersectional gender research expertise;
  • build new networks and collaboration among researchers from across all disciplines and Faculties at the University of Alberta;
  • foster engagement in IG activities; and 
  • formalize researchers’ relationship with IG.

IG Affiliates actively contribute to furthering the goals of IG.


Affiliate Commitments

Faculty Affiliates are appointed to a renewable fouryear term. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students are appointed for the time of their tenure at the UofA.

We ask IG Affiliates to commit to actively contributing to the Signature Area in any of the following ways, including but not limited to:

  • Enhance Intersections of Gender research, for example, by:
    • building intersectional research in your area;
    • nurturing collaborative research across disciplines;
    • providing feedback on grant applications.
  • Further intersectionality and gender teaching and training, for example, by:
    • teaching a course with significant intersectional gender content; 
    • mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; 
    • organizing and contributing to curricular transformation;
    • serving on supervisory committees.
  • Participate actively in IG operations, for example:
    • sharing information about and attending our events;
    • organizing and contributing to IG activities (workshops, events, conferences, etc.),
    • serving on a committee;
    • providing input and expertise to leadership.
  • Promote IG locally, nationally, and internationally, for example, by:
    • sharing your relevant research news with IG;
    • acknowledging your IG affiliation in your bio;
    • sharing IG promotional materials and resources with students and colleagues;
    • helping us expand our growing network. 

IG Commitments

In recognition of your contributions to the IG Signature Area, we will: 

  • Name your Affiliate status on the Intersections of Gender website;
  • Invite you to have your name and IG-related research added to our Researcher Directory; our directory is currently under construction but we will let you know when we go live! 
  • Keep you up to date on all IG events, news, opportunities, and collaborations via our newsletter; 
  • Provide you with access to IG resources;
  • Acknowledge your IG-related initiatives to your Chair or Dean.

We look forward to forging a meaningful relationship with our affiliates. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about or suggestions for this program. 

Members List


Alexandra Fidyk, Faculty Member, College of Education, Secondary Education - Body; Voice; Body-mapping; Girls and Youth; Arts-integrated Methods; Body-centred Practices; Trauma-sensitive Pedagogy; Interdisciplinary

Alexis De Villa , Graduate Student, Material Culture, Human Ecology - Textiles; East-asian/Pilipinx Diasporas, Complex Theory, Queer Of Colour Critique 

Anisha Jain, Graduate Student, Law; Feminist Legal Theory; Jurisprudence Of Intersectionality; Expression Of Lived Experiences; Surrogacy Laws; Reproduction 

Anita Khakh, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies, Social Justice And International Studies - Intersectional Feminism; Health And Physical Education Curriculum; Girls; Gender; Race; Class; Eating Disorder; Intersectional Body Becoming Frameworks

Arshad Said Khan, Graduate Student, English and Film Studies - Hijra; Trans; Queer; India; Citizenship; Subaltern

Beverly Lemire, Faculty Member, History & Classics - Material Culture, Radicalization / Resistance; Gendered And Radicalized History Of Br Empire; Material Culture

Bridget Alichie, Graduate Student, Arts/Sociology - Criminology; Gender And Social Legal Studies

Bukola Salami, Faculty Member, Nursing - Immigrant Health; Intersectionality

Carla Hilario, Faculty Member, Nursing - Health Equity; Intersectionality; Anti-racism; Inclusive Health Services; Youth

Carolyn Carpan, Librarian, Arts/Library - Women's Health; Endometriosis; Misogyny; Library & Information Science; Women's Studies

Carrie Karsgaard, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies, Education - Anti-colonial Environmental Justice; Anti-colonial Digital Methods; Climate Justice; Public Pedagogy; Extractivism

Carrie Smith, Faculty Member, Arts (Vice-dean) / Mlcs (Professor) - Digital Feminism; Feminist Media Studies; Performance Art Activism; Feminist Leadership

Cary Brown, Faculty Member, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Medicine - Sleep; Aging; Human-animal Bond

Cassandra Anastacio, Graduate Student, Educational Policy Studies - Intersectional Feminism; Health and Physical Education Curriculum; Girls; Gender; Race; Language

Chen Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kinesiology, Sport, And Recreation - Settler Colonialism, Sport For Social Change, Ecological Justice, Decolonization

Clara Iwasaki, Faculty Member, East Asian Studies - Queer Sinophone Literature, Queer Sinophone Cinema, Queer Chinese Cinema, Modern Chinese Womens Writing, Transpacific Studies

Comfort Verissimo, Graduate Student, Department Of English And Film Studies - Representation, Power, Gender, Class, Trauma 

Courtenay Chan, Graduate Student, English and Film Studies - Mixed Race; Chinese Canadian; Asian Diaspora; Life Writing; Anti-racism; Canadian Literatures

Cressida Heyes, Faculty Member, Arts/Political Science, Adjunct Philosophy - Gender, Sexuality, Queer, Philosophy, Political Theory, Race, Embodiment, Subjectivity

Danielle Peers , Faculty Member, Kinesiology, Sport, And Recreation - Disability Justice; Overlapping Systems Of Oppression; Sport; Art; Recreation

Deb Verhoeven, Faculty Member, Women’s and Gender Studies/Office of Information Services - Intersectionality; Data Interoperabilty

Denise L. Spitzer, Faculty Member, School Of Public Health - Intersectionality; Migration; Participatory Research

Ekua Agyemang, Resident Physician, Faculty of Medicine/ Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine - Anti-Black Racism, Black Women, Health Equity, Addiction and Mental Health

Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez, Adjunct Faculty, Mlcs And Sociology - Decoloniality, Critical Migration Studies, Affect And Labour

Evelyn Hamdon, Senior Advisor, Equity And Human Rights, Office Of The Provost - Gendered Orientalism, Gendered Racism, Racism, Feminist Postcolonial Theory In Anti Racism Education, Gender And Islamophobia

Felice Lifshitz, Faculty Member, Women's And Gender Studies - Construction And Representation Of The Past, Religion

Heidi Cossey, Graduate Student, Engineering/Civil & Environmental Engineering / Geoenvironmental Engineering - Diversity, Inclusion And Equity In Engineering

Holly Mathias, Graduate Student, School of Public Health - Caregiving, Rural Communities, Substance Use

Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez, Faculty Member, Political Science - Indigenous Feminism, Body Land Relationships, Community Research Engagement, Gender And Indigeneity 

Janice Miller-Young, Faculty Member, Mechanical Engineering - Underrepresented Students, Engineering Education, Belonging, Identity, Self-efficacy

Jean O'Hara, Faculty Member, Department Of Drama - Two-spirit Plays, Performance, History And Literature;  Intersection Of Drag And Critical Race, Class, Gender, Sexualty And (Dis)Ability Theory, Desire

Jennifer Tomaszewski, Academic Teaching Staff, Law - Substantive Equality, Human Rights, Law, Race, Sexual Orientation, Reproductive Justice, Sexual Assault

Jessica Vandenberghe, Academic Teaching Staff, Engineering - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Indigenous; Community Based Learning; STEM Careers

Jessica Zychowicz, Postdoctoral Scholar, CIUS: Canadian Institute Of Ukrainian Studies - Activism; Feminism; Visual Culture; Transnational; Post-soviet; Eastern Europe; Russia; Ukraine

Jordana Salma, Faculty Member, Faculty Of Nursing - Aging, Migration, Chronic Disease Management

Judy Davidson, Faculty Member, Kinesiology, Sport, And Recreation - Sport And Sexuality Studies, Homonationalism, Queer Theory, Leisure Studies, Critical Sports Studies 

Julie Rak, Faculty Member, Arts/English And Film Studies - Autobiography; Identity; Mountaineering; Canadian Literature

Katherine Binhammer , Faculty Member, Arts/English & Film Studies - Feminist Literary History; Gender And Sexuality Cultural Studies

Katy Mackay, Academic Teaching Staff, History, Classics, and Religion - Sex in Classical Antiquity, Sexuality, Constructed Gender, Women's Voices

Kevin Chavez Laxamana, Graduate Student , Arts / Anthropology - Gender; Queer; Transgender; Sex Work; Singapore; Indonesia

Kimberly A. Noels, Faculty Member, Arts/Psychology, Masculinity, Language, Ethnicity, Acculturation

Laura Beard, Associate Vice President (Research), Mlcs/Arts And Ovpri - Life Narrative; Indigenous Literature, Nation And Narration, Stories; Women Writers In The Americas

Lebogang Disele, Graduate Student, Arts/Drama - Gender, Performance, Arts-based-research, Race

Lisa Willis, Faculty Member, Science/Biological Sciences - Sex Differences, STEM EDI

M.A. Murphy, Graduate Student, Gender And Social Justice Program - Settler Responsibiity; Indigenous-settler Relations; Transformative Justice; Intersectional Feminist Art As Praxis; Community Building

Marian C. Sanchez, Graduate Student, School of Public Health - Decolonization, Indigenization, Intersectional Policy Analysis, Indigenous Health, Land and Health, Foragers' Health, Development and Justice, Philippines

Mary Olukotun, Graduate Student, Nursing - Health Disparities and Inequities; Racism; Migration; Maternal and Child Health

Megan Perram, Graduate Student, Modern Languages And Cultural Studies - Health Humanities; Gendered Illness; Hyperandrogenism; Illness Narratives

Michèle L. Hébert, Academic Teaching Staff, Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Occupational Therapy - Disability; Neurodiversity; Intersectionality; Indigeneity; Mothers; Fathers

Michelle Meagher, Faculty Member, Women's And Gender Studies - Print Culture; Feminist Seventies; Feminist Art; Feminist Cultural Production

Mirjana Uzelac, Academic Teaching Staff, Anthropology - Anthropology, Science And Technology Studies, Science And Gender, Ethnomedicine, Health Studies, Power Relations In Science And Medicine 

Nicole Eshkakogan, Graduate Student, Sociology - Indigenous Gender And Wellness

Olga Plakhotnik , Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty Of Arts/ Canadian Institute Of Ukrainian Studies - Sexual Citizenship, Lgbtq Activism, Eastern Europe, Borderland, Queer Feminist Studies

Pascal Lupien, Faculty Member, Campus Saint-Jean - Indigenous Women, Political Participation, Power, Digital Technologies

Peter Hurd, Faculty Member, Science / Psychology - Brain, Sex, Social Behaviour

Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika, Faculty Member, Arts/Women's And Gender Studies - Migration, Gender Relations, Social Markers, Gender And Development

Pirkko Markula, Faculty Member, Kinesiology, Sport, And Recreation - Dance; Aging; Exercise

Prof-Collins Ifeonu, Graduate Student, Sociology - Social Exchanges; Race, Gender; Immigrant Status; Conformity; Organizational Justice. Citizenship Status

Qingyan (Yan) Sun, Graduate Student, Education/Educational Policy Studies/Social Justice And International Studies In Education - Masculinity; Intersectionality; Chinese Diaspora; Sport

Rhonda Breitkreuz, Faculty Member, Human Ecology, ALES - Maternal Employment; Child Care Policy; Social Policy; Gender Equality

Robyn Lee, Faculty Member, Arts/Sociology - Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Embodiment

Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay, Academic Teaching Staff, Women's and Gender Studies - Women of Color Feminisms; Migration and Working-class Women; Subaltern Studies; Anti-racist and Decolonial Feminist Praxis

Saleema Allana, Graduate Student, Nursing - Intersectionality; Heart Failure Care; Immigrants; Ethnic Minorities; Rural; Sexual Minorities

Samantha Wesch, Graduate Student, Women's And Gender Studies - Cultural Studies; Eminem; White Rappers; White Masculinity; White Working-class; Working-class Masculinity; Pierre Bourdieu; Class Studies; The New Racism

Samira Elatia, Faculty Member, Faculté Saint-Jean - Gender, Women, Leadership, Education, Assessment

Sara Dorow, Faculty Member, Sociology, Arts - Migration And Mobility, Kinship And Care, Racialization, Work, Ethnography 

Shirley Anne Tate, Faculty Member, Sociology - Racism, Body, Affect, Black Diaspora, Black Beauty, Race Performativity, Mixed Race

Simone Pfleger, Faculty Member, Women’s And Gender Studies - Gender Studies; Sexuality Studies; Queer Studies; Precarity; Temporality

Susanne Luhmann, Faculty Member, Arts/ Women’s and Gender Studies - Gender; Sexuality; Feminism; Feminist And Queer Pedagogy; EDI And Intersectionality; Trauma And Cultural Memory; Social Justice; Institutional Transformation

Temitope Oriola, Faculty Member, Arts/Sociology - Terrorism, Sexual & Gender-based Violence By Terrorist Groups, Female Suicide Terrorism, Race And Gender In Schools, Policing

Thane Chambers, Librarian, Libraries - Scientometrics; Bibliometrics; Research Impact; Science Of Science

Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike, Graduate Student, English And Film Studies  - Masculinities, Gender, Sexualities, African Literature, Ethics

Victoria Ruetalo, Faculty Member And Associate Dean, FGSR,Arts/ Mlcs/ FGSR - Sexploitation, 1960s And 1970s Film, Latin American Cinema, Sex On Screen, Intersectional Analysis, Censorship

Wendy Aujla, Graduate Student, Arts/Sociology/Criminology - Domestic Violence, Honour-based Violence, And Forced Marriages 

Zubia Mumtaz, Faculty Member, School Of Public Health - Maternal Health; Sexual And Reproductive Health, Health Systems

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Intersections of Gender Affiliate Program Application Form

Final decisions regarding affiliate status are made by the Director and Associate Director of Intersections of Gender under advisement from an advisory committee. 

If you have questions about the IG Affiliate Program, please email:

We look forward to forging a meaningful relationship with Affiliates!