Kule Folklore Centre Projects


Sustainable Ukrainian Canadian Heritage (SUCH) Program

SUCH is a multifaceted research and education program of the Kule Folklore Centre at the University of Alberta. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of cultural and historical heritage of Ukrainian Canadians; to provide a ground for networking, collaboration, education and resource sharing among academic, research, and memory institutions, cultural heritage repositories, archivists and other heritage professionals, community organizations, and researchers studying Ukrainian Canadians; and to offer innovative ways to assist Ukrainian Canadian repositories and organizations in preservation of and providing access to their rich cultural heritage.

Indigenous Ukrainian Relationship Building Initiative

This is a joint initiative between the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre at MacEwan University and the Kule Folklore Centre at the UAlberta. Our main goal is to advance knowledge about, explore, and reflect on our Ukrainian Canadian history and our shared Indigenous-Ukrainian pasts, in order to build a better future together for the well-being of all.  

Chasing Gophers Barefoot: Prairie Children of the 1930s

“Chasing Gophers Barefoot: Prairie Children of the 1930s” is a new travelling exhibit based on the materials of the Local Culture Project. The exhibit uses the recollections of adults to re-create the worlds of childhood. It tells stories about everyday life of children on a farm and on the streets of a small town, at the school, the church, and the community hall. It explores the clothing that formed the most personal aspect of ‘making do’ in the 1930s, scarcity of food and rare and unforgettable treats, but also toys, games, reading, music, and sports. The exhibit is planned to be launched in the spring of 2022.