Seminar/Visitor Program

Each year, top national and international researchers visit the Centre to collaborate on research and to present seminar/colloquium talks. The Centre averages approximately 16 short-term visitors who stay for a maximum of one week and long-term visitors who stay for periods spanning one week to one year.


Team-building Activities

Canoe Trips
Centre students and faculty travel the North Saskatchewan River from Devon to Edmonton. Most are novice canoers, but soon learn the importance of teamwork to steer the canoe in the right direction. The trip usually takes about six hours of paddling.

Canoe Trip 2017

 Canoe Trip 2017


Mathematical Biology Summer Workshops

This ten-day workshop, held in early May each year, is designed to introduce approximately 20 undergraduates to the subject of mathematical biology and to give them the tools needed to continue research in mathematical biology.

It is the only workshop of its kind in Canada and attracts students from across Canada and America. Many of the summer workshop alumni have continued in mathematical biology as graduate students.

The aim of the Workshop is to introduce students to mathematical modelling and analysis applied to real biological systems via:

  • Lectures and exercises that introduce students to various techniques of mathematical modelling of biological systems.
  • A self-guided tutorial, that teaches students computational techniques to simulate mathematical models and relate them to real biological data.
  • Projects in which teams of two to three students experience the modelling process by working on an open-ended project. Projects are chosen from a wide variety of topics, including epidemiology, population biology, cell biology, and physiology.

Typically, participants have completed two to three years of undergraduate study in mathematics or a similar quantitative science. Undergraduates in their third year are especially encouraged to attend. Graduate students in the biological and medical sciences who are interested in mathematical modelling are also welcome.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. Programming experience is not necessary, but beneficial.