Gerda de Vries

Dr. de Vries' area of research is mathematical biology. The main objective of her research program is to understand and explain physiological processes through the development and analysis of mathematical models.


 Thomas Hillen

Dr. Hillen's area of research is Mathematical Biology. His actual research focuses on:

  • The analysis of transport equations and advection-diffusion equations
    and their application to chemotaxis.
  • Modelling of cancer cell movement in tissues
  • Optimization of radiation treatment schedules for cancer
  • Modelling of forest fire spread.
  • Classification of spatial patterns generated by PDE.

Dr. Hillen's research page

Mark Lewis

Dr. Lewis' research focus is mathematical biology, with a focus in spatial ecology.

Dr. Lewis' research page


Jay Newby

Jay Newby's research is mathematical biology. The focus of his research is stochastic modeling of micron-scale living systems.

Hao Wang

Dr. Wang has strong interests in interdisciplinary research of mathematical biology.

Dr. Wang's personal website