Vision, Mission & Values



With our communities, inspired through learning, serving society



Our medical school develops diverse, competent and compassionate physician leaders to serve the health needs of Alberta, northern communities and Canada through adaptive innovation and social accountability.



In all our interactions with students, learners, staff, instructors, care providers and patients, we value

  • Well-being: that every individual is a valued and respected member of our educational community; therefore, we actively promote, support, and value well-being
  • Compassion: that exhibiting compassion will foster well-being, empathy, and understanding
  • Cultural Safety: a respectful learning/work environment supports positive collaboration and communication, addressing power imbalances in the learning and work environment
  • Diverse Perspectives: in the partnership of all the individuals and communities; therefore, we actively practice anti-racism, anti-oppression, and decolonization principles at all levels of the program
  • Health Equity: in addressing health inequities through active innovation in our admissions process, educational practices, and advocacy
  • Growth: that our development as individuals and as an organization is essential; therefore, we learn from mistakes that embody adaptive innovation and quality improvement